Combined Dragon Scout Group & Chapter Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations at GESSOSA – 6 October 2006

2006 Mid Autumn Festival

Year 2006 Mid Autumn Festival celebraions were lots of fun and laughter. The Dragon Chapter Committee decided to organise this event for Chapter members and we managed to use Gan Eng Seng School Old Students Association Room for this wonderful event. It was a small turnout from the old boys side but we are getting more people knowing about the activities we are planning and I urge all old boys to participate in the upcoming events and activities.

There were a small participation from the Dragon Scout Group, but nevertheless, it gave us the opportunity to interact with our juniors and vice versa. I came early and helped to decorate up the place with lanterns, while the juniors prepared candles, drinks, mooncakes, fireworks sticks.

While the juniors were having fun with their lanterns, Hongliang was issuing lanterns to them and having their great time taking photos. The old boys were streaming in and preparing chinese tea and displaying the various kinds of mooncakes for the event celebration. The Chapter folks also went out and helped to light up the fireworks sticks pasted on the floor around the clubhouse to light up the sparkling word of GESS. So much fun , bonding us young and old together.

Coming back into the clubhouse, we settled down drinking tea and eating mooncakes, chatting and having lots of laughter. Soon, we started playing games and the juniors tested the seniors. I was probably the only senior that couldn’t really guess the mind playing games !! Thereafter, the Chapter also led some games before the juniors started another set of games.

As much as I don’t like to admit it, there is (definitely) a bit of generation gap (that is inevitable). However, it is the spirit, camaraderie, teachings, fun, rich history of the Dragon Scout Group that makes the old and young come together in unity as a integral member of the Dragon Scout Group, signifies in today’s Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations. Thank you all who make this evening a wonderful time of celebration and fun for all !

Moving on, Teck Chong and Wei Liang organised games for the whole bunch of us. It was different from the first few games and at the end of the 3rd round, the “losers” had to do some forfeits. They were a great sporting bunch and enacted “Chang Er Peng Yue” by the other spectators request.

Soon, it was time to pack up and return home for rest and recovery. Everybody helped to clean and tidy up the clubhouse. Looking back at the past 4 hours, I believed everybody had lots of fun and laughter in today’s simple yet meaningful gathering and event.

Once again, thank you all for such an enjoyable event today !


  1. It was indeed a memorable one……
    esp with the young dragons coming along and mixing around with the seniors. Lots of fun! Hope for more to come !!!

  2. Yes, let’s all build on from here and have more gatherings, activities and fun !

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