CommunicAsia 2009 with LG Viewty Smart GC 900

First and foremost, it was an honour to be selected to be ONE of the TEN photobloggers to be participating in the LG Life is Viewty-ful photoblogger campaign, testing out the LG Viewty Smart GC 900 camera phone before its official launch at CommunicAsia 2009 at the Singapore Expo.

This selection was something that blew me off, something that I am very happy and proud of, my photoblogging, my social networking, my photography, my journalistic writing, networking and growth of this blog since its birth, an achievement and recognition for my photography, writing, blogging and social networking !


We, the Life is Viewty-ful bloggers, TEN of us, were invited to CommunicAsia 2009 on 18th June 2009 and given a tour of LG, chatting and discussing with fellow bloggers and LG staff from South Korea, from the marketing division and giving our views on the GC 900 camera phone, along with the XPR staff. Besides having a fun discussion and feedback, we were given a tour of the LG exhibition, watching Korean hip-hop dance and performance, exploring the other latest LG smart phones and it was very fun since LG built a giant Crystal Phone to demonstrate their latest phone and technology.


There were many gorgeous ladies helping to demonstrate and explain the various LG phones and technology. LG has taken a huge leap forward in the mobile phone industry, with its latest range of smartphones and S Class technology. My review of the LG Viewty Smart GC 900 and my experience with the camera phone would be in another post coming up soon. I feel that LG has done a great job here in this camera phone segment.

After touring, we head back for another round of feedback and summarising of our GC 900 experiences and if our views, comments and feedback would be able to be implemented into the upcoming batch, or future camera phone design models and it will only make it stronger, better and faster.

Before leaving, we were given some gifts by LG and we were very happy to receive it ! Before leaving, we went around to view the photos taken by the TEN bloggers and some were of high standards, taking photos of the LG Viewty Smart GC 900 display booth and taking group photos for memories.


Well, nice to know the following bloggers, MoleMole, Tetanus, Chester Tan, Keropokman, Be@rBrick, Wilfrid Wong, Faddy, hope to catch you folks again !

For more photos, drop by my Flickr !


  1. Great to see your growing sphere of influence Geng Hui! Looking forward to see your reviews of the new LG Viewty Smart GC 900 camera phone.

  2. Hey Geng Hui,

    Superb job done! It was a really well deserved recognition for your efforts in blogging.

    To be able to be recognized and even invited, keep increasing your sphere of influence and I’m sure you can have more invites in the future.

    Will be looking forward to your review post soon!



  3. Oh,That’s great start JH!

    You can get more chance, and I believe you can do anything great!

  4. Oh darn, I have missed the gorgeous ladies. I was holidaying in Spain. Lol.

    Yes, glad to have met fellow bloggers 🙂

  5. Author

    Hi SeenThisSceneThat

    Thank you very much for your support !!!!

    It’s been a while, I would be doing my review soon ! Keep a lookout !

  6. Author

    Hi Jack

    Many thanks for your guidance & support in my blogging !!

    Greatly appreciated !!

  7. Author

    Hi Brian

    Thank you for your support !!!

    Still slowly growing and improving, looking forward to bigger growth !

  8. Author

    Hi iWalk

    Really appreciate your support in my blogging !!

    Yeah !! I believe my blog can improve and do more things !!

  9. Author

    Hi Wilfrid

    Great to see you back ! Yeah, u missed the pretty ladies !

    Hope to catch up with you sometime !

  10. Author

    Hi Fioon,

    A 2nd review might be planned at a later time, currently occupied with other projects and business and work too.

    Would be considering other users feedbacks & comments too !

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