UQAAS Networking Event @ Wine Bos 12th June 2009


The UQAAS was back in action again, organising another wine networking event on the 12th June 2009 at Wine Bos , located on 47a North Canal Road.


It was a night of free flow wine with nice tapas from 7pm to 9pm and we had a good turnout of fun, drinking, chatting, making new friends and sharing our future mentorship program with fellow alumni there. The weather in Singapore was pretty hot at the moment, the heat in Wine Bos were generated by our enthusiasm, warmth and laughter.


From this wine networking event, with increasing participation and alumni members signing up into our UQAAS database, UQAAS would be planning for more events, networking and social, for alumni members to interact and get together. If you are a graduate from The University of Queensland, do keep in touch with us via Facebook ! Check out more photos here at my Flickr !

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