Looking for a modern, high quality, versatile and expandable active backpack for your work and leisure needs? Now with Targus Work+ collection, you can have it all together in the Targus Work+ Expandable 32L Daypack. A sleek and aesthetically looking active backpack that holds not just your technology gears/toys, they can also adapt easily to your lifestyle (whether work or leisure) needs too.

What makes the Targus Work+ Expandable 32L Daypack unique? 

For the modern working professionals 

The future of work is upon us, we are now in an era of hybrid work, whereby we are working in office, we are also working remotely and/or also working from home. This would mean that you might commute more on a regular basis depending on your working arrangements with your work organisation. 

For those who are more into fitness regime such as running or going to fitness centres and gyms, this Work+ Expandable 32L Daypack can carry both your work stuff and your sporting gears comfortably. 


For the social media marketer / photographer / traveler 

For the modern social media marketer like myself, or for my photography work, as well for my travel, this Work+ Expandable 32L Daypack packs in some pretty spacious space to store my various equipment for different needs and requirements.

With a capacity of 32L, this also makes the backpack an ideal daypack when you travel overseas for work or for your holidays. 

As a commercial photographer as well as a social media marketing/content creator, this Work+ 32L Daypack is an excellent hybrid work backpack (even though it’s not a dedicated photography backpack) for combining my one camera body and one lens photography setup for social media marketing work, along with my Zhiyun Smooth 4 gimbal for my Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max and my Apple iPad Air 3 with Logitech K380 keyboard or MacBook Pro 15.

I also managed to bring out a photography setup consisting of my Canon EOS RP, adapter, EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM lens and EF70-200mm f/4L IS II USM lens, using my existing camera cases to place it inside this Work+ 32L Daypack.

Targus Work+ Expandable 27L Daypack TBB611

If you find the Targus Work+ Expandable 32L Daypack a bit too big for your liking, there is a smaller version available, the Targus Work+ Expandable 27L Daypack that you can consider, compare and decide which of the two is more suitable for your needs.

Hpility SG has reviewed the Targus Work+ Expandable 27L Daypack, check out his article on the Targus Work+ Expandable 27L Daypack for work and leisure activities!

Photos courtesy of Targus

Personal Thoughts and Views on the Targus Work+ Expandable 32L Daypack

A modern backpack for the new age working professionals that has to juggle working in office, working remote or working from home, it’s versatile and expandable. This backpack is ideal and highly suitable for the modern working professionals and students, it’s ideal for a social media marketer. While it’s not a dedicated camera backpack, I managed to showcase its versatility and flexibility. They also caters for the sporty lifestyle in you, allowing you to bring your sports gear and shoes out inside your Work+ 32L Daypack. 

Here are some features that I really like

  • Expandable main compartment to 32L (33% more space) when you feel there is a need to
  • Front and side handles for you to grab/carry/hold this Work+ 32L Daypack
  • It has a unique top and front loading design to open up and store your stuff
  • Dedicated laptop compartment 
  • This backpack is made from high quality water-resistant fabric materials 
  • Trolley strap secures to your luggage when you travel out for work or for a holiday
  • Numerous exterior pockets as well as interior pockets to store your personal items and valuables
  • 2 side water bottle pockets
  • The backpack straps and padding are comfortable and sufficient for the load/stuff that you are carrying

How you want to setup this Targus Work+ Expandable 32L Daypack, there are different combinations/styles that you are able to implement that suit your needs, requirements, for your respective work and also for leisure usage, when you own this Targus Work+ 32L Daypack.


Pricing and Availability 

Both Targus Work+ 32L and 27L backpacks are now available in Singapore. The information on the pricing and availability for each Targus Work+ backpacks are listed blow:

Targus Work+ 32L Daypack (TBB611) 

Price: SGD$199.00

Colour: Black

Purchase them online from

Krisshop : https://bit.ly/3FcJYu6

Lazada : https://bit.ly/3r5oSJ8

Shopee : https://bit.ly/3JVny4l

Targus Work+ 27L Daypack (TBB610)

Price: SGD$159.00

Colour: Black

Purchase them online from

Krisshop : https://bit.ly/3267nQk

Lazada : https://bit.ly/31TEw1Y

Shopee : https://bit.ly/3yGoeWd

The Targus Work+ collection is also available in Tangs Vivo & Challenger. 

For more information on Targus Work+ Daypacks, please visit Work+ collection website : https://ap.targus.com/collections/workplus

* I would like to thank Targus for the opportunity to review the Targus Work+ Expandable 32L Daypack *

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