Photographers in Singapore, we are now into the final theme for Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0! If you haven’t come on board, now is the time to enter this photography competition! Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0 Theme 3 is out, the theme is “Reinvent Speed”. In case you missed it, Canon PhotoMarathon Theme 2 was “Reinvent Depth”.

Now is the time for you to go out and interpret “Speed” and how are you going to “Reinvent Speed” through your perspectives and photography. Just take note of the contest mechanics and submission timeline for Theme 3, you have to send in your entries between 1st February 2022 to 28th February 2022. 

Contest Mechanics for Theme 3: Reinvent Speed

  1. Contestants are to submit their photographs through Instagram platform only.
  2. Photos must be taken using a digital camera of any brand or model.
  3. Ensure that each entry is submitted as a single static post with @canonsingapore tagged. Include hashtags #CPMDareToReinvent and #CPMReinventSpeed.
  4. Multiple entries are allowed, but participants will not be considered for more than one prize within the theme month. This includes entries via multiple accounts from the same participant.
  5. Photos have to be taken and posted within the dates 1st February 2022 to 28th February 2022.
  6. Captions are not required, and photo editing is allowed, but the images must be original.
  7. Participants will have to set their Instagram profile to public for judges to assess the submissions.

Information and updates on Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0

Theme 3 winners, you can look forward to additional prizes from Sentosa to be won! For more information and details, please visit Canon PhotoMarathon website, Canon Singapore’s Instagram post on Theme 3: Reinvent Speed and Facebook Page! You can learn tips and tricks from Canon Singapore Instagram account! 

What does “Speed” means to me in my photography? How am I going to “Reinvent Speed”? How fast or how slow is my photography shutter speed going to be? What kind of special effects can I produce with my cameras? Should I freeze the fast motion action time, or should I go slow and produce silky colour motion trails? 

Good luck and all the best in Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0 Theme 3: Reinvent Speed! 

* Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0 logo courtesy of Canon Singapore *

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