A new edition of Canon Singapore’s signature event is back – The Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0 (CPM 2.0)! With the changes in our lifestyles in recent years, do you Dare to Reinvent at the new Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0? Canon Singapore unveiled the overarching theme – Dare to Reinvent, to capture various subtle and important shifts in our day-to-day lives through the lens.

“Since the onset of COVID-19, the way we live and work have undergone drastic changes. However, one thing that remained unchanged is the capability of storytelling  through images.,” said Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore. “With this new CPM 2.0, we have elevated the event to the digital platform, allowing contestants to continue taking part in a longstanding tradition here at Canon Singapore, whilst showcasing their reinvented and reimagined perspectives.” 

Participants at Canon PhotoMarathon 2019

Canon PhotoMarathon was launched nearly two decades ago, the objective was to cultivate an interest in photography, while challenging photography enthusiasts to push the boundaries. This has always been at the heart of its annual tradition. With strong branding and loyalty built over the years, bringing Canon PhotoMarathon online will allow Canon to continuously engage the photography community through this active outreach.

The usual Canon PhotoMarathon is a one-day event, which was last held in 2019. Due to the pandemic, CPM 2.0 seeks to allow participants to use the new three month duration of the contest to capture changes in their daily lives. Starting on 6th December 2021, Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0 will spur participants to reinvent their perspectives, with three major themes spread across the contest duration.

Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0 Theme for December

For the month of December, the theme will be Reinvent Light.

It’s now up to you contestants, you are highly encouraged to interpret the themes from a new perspective, showcasing your stories through photography.

Through the three-month contest period, participants can look forward to tips and tricks from the panel of experienced photographer judges as well as ‘Tonight with CIA’ webinars on Canon Singapore’s Facebook page for a better shot at claiming the coveted prizes. 

Exciting Top 3 Prizes to be won

There will be three winners for each themed month, with the top three prizes as follows:

1st Prize

(Total value $4,647)


EOS R6 Body (worth $3999) + RF50mm f/1.8 STM (worth $319)

EXCERIA PLUS Portable SSD (1050MB/s read speed, Type C) 1TB (worth $229)

EXCERIA PRO SD Card (UHS-II) 64GB (worth $100)



2nd Prize

(Total Value $1,139)



EOS M50 Mark II Kit EFM15-45 (worth $1099)

EXCERIA PLUS SD Card (UHS-1 U3) 64GB (worth $40)



3rd Prize

(Total Value $1,039)



PowerShot G7 X Mark III (worth $999)

EXCERIA PLUS SD Card (UHS-1 U3) 64GB (worth $40)

Winners from all three themes will be announced in March 2022. Apart from the top prizes, there will also be special prizes from our partners, to be unveiled at a later date.

Contest Mechanics

  1. Contestants are to submit their photographs through Instagram platform only.
  2. Photos must be taken using a digital camera of any brand or model.
  3. Ensure that each entry is submitted as a single static post with @canonsingapore tagged. Include hashtags #CPMDareToReinvent and the relevant theme hashtag stated on the Theme Announcement posts.
  4. Multiple entries are allowed, but participants will not be considered for more than one prize within the theme month. This includes entries via multiple accounts from the same participant.
  5. Photos have to be taken and posted within the dates stated on the Theme Announcement post.
  6. Captions are not required, and photo editing is allowed, but the images must be original.
  7. Participants will have to set their Instagram profile to public for judges to assess the submissions.

Information and updates on Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0

For more information, please visit Canon PhotoMarathon website. Please stay tuned to Canon Singapore’s Instagram and Facebook Page for details on the upcoming themes for the next two months, tips and tricks from the judges, and sample images to guide participants in their storytelling through their lenses.

Come join in the fun at Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0!

It’s great to see Canon PhotoMarathon coming back, I had been regularly participating Canon PhotoMarathon since 2008 (My Canon PhotoMarathon participation in the years 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) when I first participated in Canon PhotoMarathon, till year 2019 that was the last physical attendance Canon PhotoMarathon event. On a personal note, Canon PhotoMarathon 2019 was my 9th year participating in Canon PhotoMarathon! In the year 2020, Canon PhotoMarathon 2020 was suspended due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Canon PhotoMarathon used to a great time for catching up with fellow photography friends that you might not have met for a while. However, this ongoing global pandemic drastically changed our life, our work and daily living. While Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0 is going to be very different from the usual Canon PhotoMarathon that we knew over the years, we can still have our own photography fun, catching up with fellow photography friends and photographing the monthly theme while challenging our creativity and photography.

However, please remember to do things in a safe manner, follow the social distancing rules and numbers restrictions put in place by the authorities.

Fellow photographers, time to Pass-It-On and share Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0 with your fellow photographers community!

Now, do you Dare to Reinvent at the new Canon PhotoMarathon 2.0?

* Information and pictures courtesy of Canon Singapore and GLOO *

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