It’s now December 2021 – Its’ time for me to return back to Mother Nature and the Great Outdoors for nature therapy, photography therapy, a time for peace and tranquility away from the past eleven months of mental and emotional turbulence battling this ongoing global pandemic. I didn’t go into nature and outdoors from late September 2021 to late November 2021 as I was working on getting my photography business back on track amidst all the ups and downs, disruptions, changes and restrictions in place. 

Time to finish up my photography zine  

I started working on my second photography zine some months back around June/July 2021. That was a work-in-progress, there were delays, distractions on my part, facing writer’s block and no creative breakthrough. 

As I was reorganising and replanning my works for my run-in during the final month of the year 2021, I told myself, it’s time to finish up my second photography zine and getting it ready for the zine/book launch in January 2022. My theme for my second zine revolves around nature therapy, great outdoors and photography therapy, thus I am returning to nature and great outdoors.

Return to Nature and Great Outdoors

Most recently, I went on two treks to the Old Jurong Line / Sungei Ulu Pandan Park Connector, I brought 2 different groups of friends there. Time to work on my Old Jurong Park Connector article. Not only have I rekindled my passion for trekking, enjoying and relaxing, I am also chasing sunsets, they can be pretty dramatic and epic at this time of the year.

What I want to do and where I want to explore/trek in December 2021

  • Bring like-minded friends on treks, returning back to the days when I used to lead photo walks previously
  • Go with like minded trekkers to explore more nature and outdoors 
  • Bird photography at Sungei Buloh 
  • Old Jurong Line / Clementi Forest / Dover Forest exploration and documentation for my article 
  • Jenal Jetty / Rower’s Bay / Yishun Dam / Seletar district 
  • Mt Faber and Labrador Park (history documentation)
  • Chestnut Nature Park (continue my nature exploration)
  • More places to be added at a later time

Some of those destinations would most likely have extended trekking adventures in order for me to have a more extensive photography documentation and exploration. 

How should I go forward with writing and sharing my trekking adventure stories?

Although I have been writing regularly on my trekking adventure stories, I am considering different approaches on how to go about doing it, how much information and photos to share. 

Should I consider the following points below:

  • Go on travel/trekking writing approach from point A to Point B with route map added, directions etc? 
  • Consolidate and update my previous trekking/exploration adventures e.g. The Green Corridor, Old Jurong KTM Railway Line?
  • Input more history behind my trekking adventures whereby there is a bit of history behind those places?
  • Should I do a coverage on Singapore’s many Park Connector Networks (PCN) routes?

It’s a food for thought, any new approaches to my trekking adventure stories would probably start in Q1 2022. Stay tuned!

Keep on trekking, keep on exploring

As the Chinese saying goes, “千里之行, 始于足下“, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I want and I have to keep on trekking, keep on exploring, not just in my photography (both business and personal), my travels, my other business developments and also in my personal life too.

Photography by Isaac Ong

Sometimes, I have to walk alone. 

Photography by Ryan Cheng

Sometimes, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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