We are now into the final month of Year 2021, it’s 1st December 2021. Looking back at the past 11 months of Year 2021, do you feel that time flies very fast or do you feel that at times it was stagnating? As I put myself on repeat again, like a broken recorder, this year 2021 was probably an even tougher and more difficult year than Year 2020. Today, I am doing something different, this is not going to be a reflection post, I just want to count my blessings, be humble, grateful and thankful. For the final month of the year 2021, I would like to bring a very difficult year 2021 to a close on a high, on my own personal terms.   

As we enter into the final month of Year 2021, I would also like to share some photo stories and happenings that took place over the past few months. 

First and foremost

First and foremost, while there had been immense difficulties emotionally, mentally and financially for this year 2021.

I want to take this opportunity to be thankful and grateful, with utmost gratitude, humility and kindness to all who have helped me and pulled me out from my rut, those who supported, encouraged and believed in me during this very difficult year 2021. Let’s be kind, compassionate and spread love. 

Please do not judge, none of us are having an easy time during this battle against this ongoing global pandemic situation.

Help each other if you are able to

We are entering into a brand new year 2022 soon, this year would not exactly be a smooth sailing year as we are still grappling and battling this ongoing global pandemic situation. Let’s work on getting our life, our business and our work back on track, hoping that we can restart our recovery proper. 

Help each other if you are able to, support fellow local small and medium sized business, they are the ones who are most severely affected by this ongoing pandemic induced economic crisis. 

Gifts from lucky draws

Since I missed my Japan travel so much, I am following Japan Rail Cafe and Hokkaido Government Representative Office FB pages on a regular basis. They had a few travel events held online, it was good to take away some of my travel wanderlust for Japan. There were lucky draws held during the online travel events and I was lucky to win some gifts from their lucky draws! 

Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On

I discovered my passion for cooking during my UQ uni days, as part of my subject curriculum and for my daily living/meals. I do not deny that I had been slacking over the decades after finishing my studies. However, I rediscovered this cooking/roasting passion of mine again when the pandemic hit us in 2020. 

Cooking haJs a mix of therapeutic activities for me as well as being practical, having home cooked meals whenever I am able to do so, instead of eating out or having take away all the time. 

I have been doing some roasting in recent weeks, two of my favourite food, roast pork a.k.a. sio bak and char siew pork. They are works-in-progress, learning from my mistakes at each cooking/roasting, making improvements in my next roasting. During the Christmas festive week, I hope to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, with my roast pork and char siew pork delights, along with some other dishes on the back of my mind too. 

Reward myself once a while

I don’t usually buy many things, once a while I would buy some things for myself, it’s nice to reward myself once a while. I am planning to add a Japanese gyuto knife a.k.a. Chef Knife into my cooking/chef setup.

All I want to do 

Be happy, take care of myself more, be less mentally and emotionally burnt out like this photo of me rocking alone on the playground (it’s a posed photo by the way). 

Photography by Ryan Cheng

Spread the message of love, care and compassion, for Earth, our natural environment, for our loved ones, for myself. 

Coming soon in January 2022

Coming soon in January 2022, I would be publishing and launching my second photography zine, this photography zine is a mix of therapy and playbook coming together. I am also working on getting my first NFT photography artwork minted and listed. More details would be shared along the way leading up to January 2022, stay tuned!

Last but not least

Last but not least, it’s an open call every year during the month of December: Anyone would like to buy me a 2-in-1 Christmas (December) + Birthday (January) gift?

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