Creatives from the various professions, from photographers, designers, artists, illustrators, we are have own workflow whether you are editing or designing your creative works. Although most of us would be doing our creative works on our laptops or desktops, there are accessories available in the market that can help our workflow better, easier and more accurate. Introducing Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle, this is a right set of tools and gadgets, minimalist design, aesthetically beautiful that would help you in your creative workflow. I recently got the opportunity to review the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle setup. Let me share with you my personal experiences.

First and foremost

Before you are able to use the Xencelabs Pen Tablet, you need to install drivers software onto your computer. On the software installation, you can download drivers from Xencelabs website,  install the drivers first. Next up, you need to plug in the bluetooth dongle into usb port, followed by connecting the Xencelabs devices, finally connect the Xencelabs application to the Pen Tablet. 

Once the software and drivers are installed, you are good to go with your creativity adventures with Xencelabs Tablet Medium. Just launch the application on laptop/desktop, followed by switching on the pen tablet and quick keys.

Pen Tablet Medium

This Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium is a well thought out ergonomic design tablet, it has good built quality, minimalist and sleek. It’s also compact in size, portable and lightweight.


Upon launching your preferred creative software application, you can start working on your creative workflow and processes. The dimensions of the Pen Tablet Medium are 320.5 (W) x 232.5 (H) x 8mm (D), I feel that this suits my workflow, not too big on your work desk and you have sufficient space (active area size is 262.4mm x 147.4mm) on the tablet to do your creative work. 



There are two pens, the Xencelabs 3 Button Pen and Xencelabs Thin Pen. For the 3 Button Pen, it features three programmable buttons with eraser, it feels slighter thicker in width. Some of you might prefer this pen for its feel, grip and 3 programmable buttons configuration.

For the Thin Pen, it’s more of a classic/traditional tool for those who prefer something natural and familiar in the hand. It’s slightly thinner, it has two well buttons that are programmable with eraser. 

You have choices, you can switch around the two pens, best of both worlds when you are into your creative workflow. Each pen has its own feel and characteristics, it’s not fair to say the 3 Button Pen is better than the Thin Pen, I reckon you might end up taking turns to use both Pens at different stages of your workflow. 

Quick Keys

The Quick Keys is an interesting device accompanying the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium setup. It’s really compact in size, portable, lightweight, with a OLED display and physical dial with a button on top of the dial. 

Personally, I feel that most creatives would really like the dial and button function in your creative workflow. It just feels so much easier and better to control edits/changes via a dial than using a mouse.

Creatives can create shortcuts per application and group sets of related functions together. How you would like to configure the shortcuts would be based on your workflow settings and processes that you prefer and are comfortable with.

Thoughts and Views

Here are some key thoughts and views from my Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium review experiences

  1. Pen Tablet is the gadget that photographers/creators would be more familiar with in editing their works.
  2. Option of 3-Button Pen and Thin Pen, whichever pen and workflow that suits your liking 
  3. Easy to use and fits into the editing workflow much easier 
  4. For the Quick Keys, I really like the dial and button function. However, the OLED display is a bit of a mixed feelings for me, I would prefer physical button sliders over OLED display or a hybrid combination of physical sliders with OLED display
  5. One key factor in my opinion is to first customise and tweak the Pen Tablet Medium, the pens and quick keys setup to your workflow settings and processes that you prefer and are comfortable with

Overall, the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium is handy, portable and lightweight for you to carry around. This would allow you to work remotely, in a cafe, in your office or at your home office. 

For creatives, whether you are a photographer, designer, artist, illustrator, draughtsman or architect, having a tablet and a pen setup comes in very handy and useful when you are doing creative work in your respective field. For fellow photographers, it gives you a more accurate and precise editing in your photography editing workflow. 

There are different options to choose from, if you prefer the Xencelabs Pen Tablet setup only, they have two sizes Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium and Pen Tablet Small. For those who prefer the full package, the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle with Quick Keys is the setup that you would be looking for.

For more information, please visit Xencelabs website. 

* I would like to thank XenceLabs for the opportunity to review the XenceLabs Pen Tablet Medium. *

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  1. Thank You for review! It seems like the xencelabs tablet will make for a good investment.
    I’ve got a XPPen Deco LW ( ) Bluetooth drawing tablet, and I must say that I like it very much.
    After three months of use I found the tracking and pressure sensitivity good in sketchbook and Photoshop.
    I recommend you get one for review from XPPen, you won’t be disappointed!

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