Rainbow colour light artwork, bright, colourful and distinctive, catching my attention some time last year in 2021. Who is this local light art artist creating eye-catching gorgeous rainbow illumination light artworks in Singapore? Slowly and surely, I was getting curious, I began to discover and know more about them, the light art installations that they are doing and finally, how I started following, supporting and documenting their artistic journey. Here’s my visual storytelling journey on how I met/follow/support Very Small Exhibition & Bring LOVE Everywhere till date.

Malay Heritage Centre x Very Small Exhibition support World Mental Health Day

My maiden encounter with Very Small Exhibition was at Malay Heritage Centre in October 2021 – Malay Heritage Centre x Very Small Exhibition support World Mental Health Day. 

The topic on mental health is an area that I am concerned about, having been through some difficult times placing a strain on my mental and emotional health.

Bring LOVE Everywhere by Very Small Exhibition

This was the trial run done by artist Wei in November 2021, to Bring LOVE Everywhere by Very Small Exhibition around Singapore at a later date in January 2022. I was literally and physically chasing “Love” at East Coast Park, had a great time doing light painting with the LOVE artwork. 


Light Painting by me

Photography by Belinda Tan
Photo courtesy of Belinda Tan

Very Momentary Exhibition 2.9 @ 312A Clementi Avenue 4

There have been a number of Very Momentary Exhibitions produced by artist Wei prior to this edition 2.9. This took place in my neighbourhood Clementi, my first Very Momentary Exhibition, starting from the 40th floor, walking downwards. 

When you looked across from adjacent blocks or from afar, the whole 40 staircase column that was brightly lighted up with rainbow illumination artwork, it sure looked amazing!

Bring LOVE Everywhere in Singapore 

Very Small Exhibition announced in December 2021 that they were going to Bring LOVE Everywhere in Singapore in January 2022. I published and shared about their big project over 6 nights.

After looking at their route map and plans, I decided to drop by and support them when they reached my neighbourhood. 

On the 5th Night (27th January 2022), they started off from Clementi (Firefly Park) in the evening. I decided to drop by and support, had a chat with artist Wei, accompanying them on a short walk with bringing LOVE to Singapore Polytechnic before I said goodbye to them!

On the 6th Night (28th January 2022), I went down to Merlion Park where the LOVE artwork would be at. I was there for the Very Momentary Exhibition @ Merlion Park! The Merlion Park and Jubilee Bridge were illuminated with rainbow colours. It looked really amazing and it was definitely very memorable. 

Two nights of Bring LOVE Everywhere in Singapore, it was a great experience to participate in short segments of its entire big adventure.

Very Small Exhibition x Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

The most recent one was in February 2022 – Very Small Exhibition x Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel present River of Life. The facade of Grand Copthorne Waterfront facing the Singapore River was lighted up, the changing rainbow light illuminations flowing into a River of Life. 

Supporting Local Artists

In my earlier articles that I published, Round up Jan 2022 and my Yearly Theme 2022 (Photography and Travel), I mentioned about doing personal projects, helping out, supporting and working with fellow local artists from other creative fields in this Year 2022. 

I would try my best, supporting, giving them a shout out, helping out, collaborating and partnering in whatever ways possible. 

Since I met Very Small Exhibition in October 2021, I started following, supporting them, as well as “chasing” Bring LOVE Everywhere on that memorable nights at East Coast Park, Clementi and Merlion Park.

I haven’t fully sit down to curate and share more photographs of Very Small Exhibition and Bring LOVE Everywhere into an album on Flickr. I am planning to do it, sometime down the road. Do keep a lookout!

Do support local artists and creatives in Singapore if you can! Follow Very Small Exhibition and Bring LOVE Everywhere on their social media platforms!

Very Small Exhibition

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/verysmallexhibition/ 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/verysmallexhibition 

Bring LOVE Everywhere

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bringloveeverywhere/ 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bringloveeverywhere 

Website: http://www.bringloveeverywhere.com/ 

The rainbow illumination light artwork installations and Bring LOVE Everywhere don’t just mesmerise me visually, the theme of spreading love resonates a deep chord inside me, spreading light, love and compassion to people around us, especially in such trying and difficult times over the past two years (and still counting) due to the ongoing global pandemic. 

Let’s spread more bright colourful lights to shine and light up the journeys that we are embarking on, let’s also spread more love and compassion to those around us, Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, making a difference and impact to people around us.

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