Bring LOVE Everywhere in Singapore by Very Small Exhibition is coming to you in January 2022. This is an interactive light-art performance exhibition spreading the message of love. Who is Very Small Exhibition (VSE) and What is Bring LOVE Everywhere all about? I first heard about Very Small Exhibition through some of my friends sharing on Instagram, I didn’t know too much about them, I only saw VSE artworks shared on its Instagram account. Soon after that, I had my maiden encounter with VSE interactive and colourful light artworks at Malay Heritage Centre, that’s also the start of a new visual story covering, documenting and supporting a local creative artist. 

Malay Heritage Centre x Very Small Exhibition support World Mental Health Day

My maiden encounter with Very Small Exhibition light artworks was at the Malay Heritage Centre (MHC) in October 2021. MHC has collaborated with VSE to light up the facade of its main building in different hues of blue in support of World Mental Health Day on 10th October, while MHC’s annex buildings are lighted up with the art collective’s signature neon colour lights.

Malay Heritage Centre x Very Small Exhibition support World Mental Health Day

Bring LOVE Everywhere by Very Small Exhibition

After my maiden encounter with VSE at MHC, I got more interested in their colourful artworks and roaming exhibitions. I was alerted to this Bring LOVE Everywhere movement by Very Small Exhibition by Belinda. Artist Wei was on a trial walk to bring his interactive light artwork/exhibition Bring LOVE Everywhere from Mountbatten to Changi Village via East Coast Park and Changi Coastal Route.

Belinda and myself decided to head down to East Coast Park White Jetty to catch Bring LOVE Everywhere in action, pushing from Mountbatten to East Coast Park for his first pit-stop. We had a fun time doing light painting with the colourful LOVE artworks. 

From our conversation with artist Wei at that time, this was part of his much bigger LOVE walk project with this Bring LOVE Everywhere artwork around Singapore. This is something that I would be sharing more in the later paragraphs below. 

Bring Love Everywhere by Very Small Exhibition article: 

Very Small Exhibition presents Very Momentary Exhibition 2.9 

Prior to Bring LOVE Everywhere major announcement, Very Small Exhibition presents Very Momentary Exhibition 2.9. 

On 20th November 2021, from 7pm to 10pm at Block 312A Clementi Ave 4, Very Small Exhibition presents Very Momentary Exhibition 2.9. This 40 storey block stairway was lighted up beautifully, a shining beacon of colourful light artworks that can be viewed from far. 

I live in the extended Clementi neighbourhood sector, it’s not far at all from my home and I decided to visit and support Very Momentary Exhibition 2.9. Belinda joined me that day, there were also other supporters of VSE there too, some were following him along the stairway, others were watching his Very Momentary Exhibition 2.9 from below or from the nearby buildings beside 312A Clementi Avenue 4. 

Belinda and myself also followed along artist Wei as he was producing his colourful artworks from the top floor to the middle level of the block before heading down to capture the full colourful spectrum of the Very Momentary Exhibition 2.9 across the block.

That was my first hands experience of how his light artworks had captured our eyes, heart, mind and soul in our heartlands neighbourhood. This was like a beautiful rainbow in the night, a beacon of hope and love shining for us.

Bring LOVE Everywhere around Singapore

Coming soon in January 2022, VSE is taking its Bring LOVE Everywhere around Singapore! From 23rd January 2022 to 28th January 2022, VSE would go on a round island Singapore walk with  its Bring LOVE Everywhere interactive artwork. Check out the map on Bring LOVE Everywhere Instagram account for more details on the route. 

They would arrive at the Clementi region on the 5th night (27th January 2022). Since this is my neighbourhood, I would make time to go down and support. Having went down to support artist Wei’s trial walk at East Coast Park, I am looking forward to seeing this interactive artwork again! 

Support Bring LOVE Everywhere on Kickstarter

Very Small Exhibition has launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking funds to offset some of their costs to make this project and bring it to the people in the heartlands. If you are able to do so and would like to lend a helping hand, you can support them financially via crowdfunding on Kickstarter. 

Bring LOVE Everywhere Kickstarter project page: 

Very Small Exhibition/Bring LOVE Everywhere Social media

For more information and updates on Very Small Exhibition and Bring LOVE Everywhere, please visit their social media links below:

Very Small Exhibition Facebook Page 

Very Small Exhibition Instagram 

Bring LOVE Everywhere Facebook Page 

Bring LOVE Everywhere Instagram 

Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On

As a photographer myself, I would like to support creative artists from other creative disciplines whenever possible. From my days of covering i Light Marina Bay and Singapore Night Festival, I met a few local creative artists, some are modern contemporary artists while some are more of traditional artists. 

Being an artist or in the creative fields can be pretty tough, this ongoing global pandemic situation makes it even tougher for them. As a photographer that sometimes overlaps into the creative and artistic side of things, I am able to relate to this.

Therefore, I would do my best to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, to help other creative artists from other disciplines whenever possible.

Light Painting by me
Photography by Belinda Tan

The ongoing global pandemic has severely disrupted our daily life and work, as well as our mental, emotional and financial well-being. In this unprecedented global crisis, we can all do with more love, kindness, compassion, solidarity and unity as we strive to get out of this crisis and return back to a more normal life before this pandemic. 

Through creative arts movement such as Bring LOVE Everywhere by Very Small Exhibition, let’s help to spread love and care around us, in our society and around the world. 

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