Creating interactive and meaningful arts, spreading the love and joy through their bright and colourful light artworks. Introducing Very Small Exhibition, I first heard of them a few months back when they produced some beautiful light artworks on our facades and neighbourhoods around Singapore. I was informed of bring LOVE everywhere by Very Small Exhibition test walk 2 on 6th November 2021 by Belinda Tan, I decided to catch them in action at East Coast Park White Jetty with her before they proceed on towards Changi Beach Park for the sunrise action. 

Prior to this “bring LOVE everywhere” test walk 2 on 6th November 2021, I recently visited Malay Heritage Centre recently to photograph an earlier light artworks by VSE on display. Malay Heritage Centre had collaborated with Very Small Exhibition to light up the facade of its main building in different hues of blue in support of World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2021, while Malay Heritage Centre’s annex buildings were lighted up with the art collective’s signature neon colour lights.

After photographing a beautiful sunset at East Coast Park, Belinda and myself waited for Very Small Exhibition to arrive at East Coast Park White Jetty. From a distance, you can’t miss the bright and colourful 4 letter words “LOVE” making its way into the East Coast Park heartlands. 

This marked the start of an hour of interaction with the LOVE light artwork, doing light painting around the LOVE artwork, bringing them into a new dimension and realm, with supporters coming down to pen their love messages on the LOVE sticker and pasting them on the LOVE light artwork. 

Those moments were bright and colourful, spreading love, and asking ourselves, what is love, what does it mean to you, what are the messages that you would like to write down and send to your family, loved ones, relatives and friends? It was a quiet moment for me, and for some of us too, as we reflect on LOVE, its importance, relevance and how we can spread the message of LOVE, especially during this past close to two years (and counting) of great difficulties to our daily living and work due to the ongoing global pandemic. Many of us suffered in many different ways or another, some more than others. How can LOVE plays a part to help people in whatever ways possible during this great difficulty period that has affected us mentally, emotionally and financially? 

During a quiet moment inside me, I was immersed in creating the light painting while Belinda was photographing my light painting artworks, my heart was thinking about this topic too. As I was penning down my message for “bring LOVE everywhere”, I asked myself:

Q:What is Love? 

A: Love is of Fate and Time.

Love is of Fate and Time, I wrote and published a photo story article “Fate and Time” back in June 2021, my article title and the story inside speaks for itself, my heartfelt answer to the question above. That period of time, coupled with other situations happening concurrently, was a very down period. For those who wish to know what could have happened, this paragraph would shed more light.     

While Belinda and myself were at East Coast Park White Jetty, we got to know supporters who were also waiting for Very Small Exhibition “bring LOVE everywhere”. Nice to meet cheryllovescake and dototo13! They joined us in our light painting photography shoot too! We connected via Instagram later, after Very Small Exhibition continued with their journey along East Coast Park. 

With cherylovescakes, artist Wei of Very Small Exhibition and dototo13
Light Painting by me
Photography by Belinda Tan
Photo courtesy of Belinda Tan

Through Belinda and cheryllovescake sharing on their Instagram posts and stories, their sharing of love messages as well as from classic love songs, they are heartwarming, positive and encouraging, something that is very much needed during this time for many of us out there facing our own unique challenges and difficulties, in our ongoing battle against this global pandemic. Love can give us great hope, warmth and confidence, love can also hurt us and affect us. 

Spinning out some love ballads from my Spotify, these classic LOVE rock ballads pop into my mind, “All You Need is Love” by Beatles, “More Than Words” by Extreme, “Love is not the Way” by Saigon Kick and one of my favourite songs by Queen “Love Of My Life”. Not forgetting, “温柔”, ”擁抱“, “心中無別人” from another of my favourite rock bands 五月天!   

Do support local artists whenever possible, Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, spread the word for them, giving them more publicity and awareness. I would give them a shout out, cover their stories and artworks as and when I am able to do so. Throughout the years writing and publishing photo stories here on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog, I met a number of creative, talented and passionate local artists through various events such as i Light Singapore and Singapore Night Festival. 

In January 2022, Very Small Exhibition is challenging themselves to their limit, bringing LOVE one round around Singapore in 6 consecutive nights. Let’s all help to spread some LOVE, warmth and friendship together with Very Small Exhibition. 

Very Small Exhibition




What is Love? Love is everywhere, it’s around us, from our family, loved ones or friends, sometimes we just lost it because we are too close deep inside that we don’t realise it. Love, however, sometimes it’s about fate and time as well. 

Light Painting by me
Photography by Belinda Tan
Photo courtesy of Belinda Tan

No matter what level and stage of Love you are at right now, that’s something we can all do together for a common good, let’s bring LOVE everywhere and unite together stronger, closer, care and help one another as we are still battling this global pandemic situation, a common goal as we seek the light at the end of the tunnel filled with love, joy and a return to a more normal life.

Let’s #BringLoveEverywhere!

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