Fate and time, how important are they and how do they define our life journey or our photography journey? Seeking my 木漏れ日 (komorebi), I persevered on with my lone journey. Where is my 生き甲斐 (ikigai) that I have been searching for?

As I explored and trekked through the mountains, forests and valleys, searching for the answers, am I able to find them? Life for me, as well as my photography, they have never been smooth sailing, it’s full of ups and downs, twists and turns, we have to weather the storm and welcome the sun to shine upon us again when it’s all over. The beautiful sounds of the wildlife calling out to us, the sound of the waves reaching the shore. The freshness aroma of the after rain, sweet fragrant aroma from the trees, leaves and flowers. 

Chasing the sunrise, the light rays shining through the rainforest canopy, patiently waiting for the sunset to end the day on a high. Is it fate, is it all about the time or they both combine together at that moment in time? 

Fate and Time, these two things intertwined into my life. Are things/we fated? Maybe it’s just not the right time. Maybe, I just have to let fate takes its course. Where will fate and time bring me? 

我们到了站,这一站叫 ____ ? 下一站是 ____ ?

Maybe I need to trust the timing of my life. Trust my own journey, my own fate and my own time. 

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