Every year on the 5th June, the world celebrates World Environment Day, this has been ongoing since 1974. Over the decades and centuries, as the world progressed in wealth and urbanisation, it came at a price, the loss of our natural environment, species extinction, wildlife getting closer to human society as their natural habitats are destroyed by humans, global warming and inevitably more problems for humans. 

I love the great outdoors, nature and wildlife, not just back home in Singapore, traveling around the world, trekking, climbing mountains, national parks, enjoying the beauty and tranquility of Mother Nature. Getting inside into nature, rainforest, surrounded by tall lush trees and its canopy, I enjoyed forest bathing therapy with my photography setup, capturing the lush greenery and wildlife. 

From the mountains, to the rainforests and oceans, Earth has many beautiful and amazing natural environments that we need to protect and preserve. While I am unable to visit all of them, I am blessed and mesmerised by some of the destinations that I left my footprints behind.   

As I started to get more conscious of my travel and carbon footprints over time, I have also witnessed more natural disasters taking place in other parts of the world and they are not getting smaller in magnitude and size. All these gradually push me as an individual to think again on my types and levels of consumption in this current world that we are living in. I am also looking at businesses, from famers, manufacturers to service providers (e.g. travel agencies, accommodation) on their green eco-friendly models and practices. 

We need to prevent, stop and reverse the damages that we have already inflicted on our planet Earth, now this is the time for ecosystem restoration. We need to stop exploiting nature to restoring and healing it. Only with a healthy ecosystem, can we improve peoples’ livelihood, counteract climate change and prevent the collapse of Earth’s biodiversity.

Every individual on planet Earth has a role to play, no matter how big or small, you can be a part of #GenerationRestoration and make a difference, for your family and loved ones, and to Mother Earth, for the sake of our future generations. 

When we are able to safely travel again once the global pandemic is under control, I would continue to seek my travel photography adventures to the great outdoors, nature and wildlife destinations around the world with green eco-friendly models and practices. 

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