NINM Lab’s popular third generation I’M Fine single use camera is preloaded with the well-liked warm toned film. It’s a 24 film exposures film, allowing photographers to capture users’ current emotions. Due to photographers request, NINM Lab is launching this particular film separately, bringing NINM Lab’s first ISO 400 colour negative film for business use. Photographers can now use the warm toned film on different 135 cameras.

This NINM Lab’s commercial ISO 400mm colour negative 135 film is a fine grain film with high contrast. With this popular ISO400 film, photographers not only can they capture rich colours under sunlight, they can also capture indoor and night scenes. This film is simple to use, it’s the best choice for beginners into film photography.

This film also includes DX Code labels, this would allow electronic cameras to match the film speed, which makes it very convenient for users of electronic cameras.

Red and Blue – Theme colours for the packaging

In order to maintain the simplicity of the design of the film for business use, the packaging uses white as the background colour, with red and blue as the main tone. In addition to the film format on the packaging, since this film is originally pre-loaded in the I’M Fine camera, it also deliberately extends some of the visual elements of the I’M Fine camera.

The gradient colours on I’M Fine camera describe changes in emotion. The simplified images of film grains, the packaging of the film. Boxes of different sizes represent film grains, of the film speed, arranged from thick to thin with contrasting colours.

Pricing and Availability

NINM Lab Business Use ISO 400 Color

Negative Film (24 Exposures)




  • Manufactured in: the United States
  • Film count: 24 exposures
  • Film speed: ISO 400
  • Format: 135 / negative film / color
  • Process: C-41

* Information and pictures courtesy of NINM Labs *

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