Annyeonghaseyo! 7-Eleven culinary tour next stop around Asia is Korea – the land of K-pop, K-beauty, K-drama and of course, K-food! You can now enjoy a gastronomic adventure to Korea at 7-Eleven with a range of new and tasty delights coming your way! Whether you are looking for a light bite, a grab and go snack or something healthier, 7-Eleven has you covered!

Enjoy a taste of Korea with these all-new and improved additions to 7-Eleven menu 

The first of 7-Eleven brand new dishes is a family favourite in every Korean household, it’s a must order at Korean restaurants! Introducing 7-SELECT Kimchi Jiggae (Usual Price $4.50), a Korean stew with spicy kick, featuring kimchi and tofu in a chicken broth. It’s made with generous serving of gochujang sauce brought in specially from Korea, this hug in a bowl is the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy flavours!

The next Korean dish making its debut at 7-Eleven is the 7-SELECT Korean Jajangmyeon (Usual Price $4). This is another popular and authentic dish that boasts from yet tender fresh egg noodles topped with chunjang – a black bean sauce imported from Korea – and fragrant spring onions for a salty yet slightly sweet taste.

Looking for something truly unique? Why not try a 7-SELECT Kimchi Chicken & Omelette Sandwich (Usual Price $3.50)? It’s the first of its kind Korean inspired sandwich that includes a crunchy kimchi filling made from pickled onions, cabbage and carrots combined with light and fluffy egg omelette. This sandwich makes an ideal breakfast bite or afternoon snack, it tastes great warmed up or chilled.

A popular item from the 7-Eleven menu is also being relaunched. If you liked their 7-SELECT Korean Spicy Rice Cakes (Tteok-bokki) (Usual Price $3.50) previously, you’ll love the improved recipe. They have added spicy gochujang sauce and rice cakes imported directly from Korea for an even more authentic flavour. The packaging has also been given an upgrade allowing customers to reheat the contents more evenly and conveniently. From 26 May – 22 June 2021you can also enjoy $0.50 off when you buy it with any featured 7-SELECT Korean item!

Quick and tasty K-food classics

From 2nd June onwards, there are other Korean delights on the menu:

7-SELECT Korean Army Stew (Usual Price $4.50) – a rich, spicy broth made with marinated chicken and noodles, topped with an array of vegetables and tofu. This hearty, satisfying dish will be sure to satisfy any hunger pangs you may have anytime throughout the day.

7-SELECT Bibimbap (Usual Price $3.90) – our take on one of Korea’s most popular and well-loved dishes. This delicious rice bowl is topped with vegetables, meat and egg as well as a sizeable serving of spicy gochujang sauce.

7-SELECT Chicken Bulgogi Wrap (Usual Price $2.90) – a soft tortilla wrap filled with flavourful chicken marinated in ginger, garlic and soy sauce. Perfect if you’re in a hurry and need something quick to eat on the go.

Product RSP Promotion Promo Period Launch Date
7-SELECT Kimchi Jiggae $4.50

Get $0.50 off

7-SELECT Korean Spicy Rice Cakes with purchase of any other 7-SELECT Korean food items

26 May – 22 Jun 2021

26 May 2021

7-SELECT Korean Jajangmyeon $4
7-SELECT Kimchi Chicken & Omelette Sandwich $3.50
7-SELECT Korean Spicy Rice Cakes (Tteok-bokki) $3.20
7-SELECT Korean Army Stew $4.50

2 Jun 2021

7-SELECT Bibimbap $3.90
7-SELECT Chicken Bulgogi Wrap $2.90

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* Information and pictures courtesy of 7-Eleven Singapore and Media OutReach *

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