Momolato, Singapore’s favourite gelato innovator, is picking up the pace with a new range of flavours and DIY goodies to match our changing times. You can now make your own scoops of sugar-free goodness delivered to your home paired with fresh fruit lattes and keto yoghurt offerings in cool serving jars.

The new flavours match Momolato’s standards of high excellence. Their sugar-free fruit lattes feature three flavours: Korean strawberry and Australian mango with hand-cut fruit, and dark Belgium and Ecuador chocolate. These Latte-style drinks come in game-stopper round bottles served with fresh milk and cream.

Fresh flavours are key. “Each bottle of goodness is handmade with fresh milk and hand-cut fruit. They are exceptional.” says owner Chef Sharon Tay

In our hot and humid tropical climate, frozen yoghurt is a real treat, especially if it’s sugar-free and keto. The Therapy range of yoghurts come in three flavours – Blue pea vanilla, Korean strawberry and coconut – a great alternative to regular yoghurt.

The latest flavour at Momolato’s gelato department is the Keto 1,000 Day Gouda Cheese, it’s to tempt a growing army of gelato fans. It’s made with aged Dutch gouda, American cream cheese and Italian pecorino, it is designed to ignite any cheese cravings. Gouda and cream cheese are melted into the gelato and then sprinkled with pecorino; this savoury gelato has been a hit with both the young and young at heart since its creation.

Do you know? Momolato’s Keto range is sweetened naturally using monkfruit extract, stevia, erythritol, and allulose, ingredients that are not absorbed by the gut and are diabetic-friendly.

Once unknown as the ‘brand behind the brands’, in which it produced ice cream for others to sell, Momolato recently stepped out of the shadows to open its very own café at Haji Lane. Momolato’s super pure gelato uses only the best natural ingredients without additives or artificial flavouring.

Their range features unique flavour fusions and culinary complexities that matches today’s market for guilt-free gourmandise with seasonal signatures and delicious disruption.

Where can I get Momolato new range of flavours and DIY goodies?

You can now order Momolato’s sugar-free fruit lattes ($7.90 per 500ml bottle, set of three bottles at $$18.90), sugar-free and keto yoghurt ($18.90 for 400ml jar, set of three jars for $54.90) and gelato ($15-$20 for pint of 473ml, $55 to $69 for 2.5L) via GrabFood, Foodpanda, Momolato café takeaway (34 Haji Lane) and their online website

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* Information and pictures courtesy of Momolato and Empower Marketing Asia *

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