Coming soon – Second photography zine/playbook. This upcoming personal photography and writing project was born from a change of circumstances and situations. In December 2020, I had published my first photography zine, I was planning to start work on my second photography zine in 2021. Many a times, life and business never goes according to plan, I went through a period whereby I was down and stuck in a rut, my mental and emotional health was not in a very good shape at all. 

How did this book came about?

As I embarked on my route to recovery, I had an inspiration, an idea to combine my nature/outdoor therapy treks, those nature and outdoors photographs that I shot, into a hybrid format, a zine with my writing and sharing, accompanied by a playbook format, giving my readers the chance to write down their thoughts, feelings and emotions, like a journal, or pasting photos, draw, doodle, there is a wide scope for creativity, exploration and for readers to share their inner most thoughts.

Updates and Tentative Timeline

My written content has been completed, proof-read and edited. I am curating my photographs to be placed inside my book, followed by fine-tuning the layout to my photography zine/playbook.

Tentative timeline is March 2022 whereby I would print some draft copies/mock up via MagCloud platform and get the draft copies delivered to me. I would proceed to do my budgeting and planning before proceeding to make an appointment and have a chat with local printing house, Grenadier Press.

Any final amendments would be made in March 2022 before sending my finalised edition for local printing (if all goes to plan) and upload online to MagCloud platform for purchase in April 2022. 

Where am I printing my photography zine/playbook?

Local Singapore

For my local Singapore market, I am going to have a discussion with Grenadier Press, they are the printing house that printed my Hokkaido 2014 Black and White photography book back in 2015.


As for my friends and followers around the world, I am going to use MagCloud platform whereby you can order a copy of my book online and get it delivered to you. 

The story behind my story

The story behind my story of my second book can be found inside there. When I made the official announcement of my photography zine/playbook, I would share more personal insights, thoughts and feelings on writing, publishing and printing this book. 

More than just another personal achievement, this book means so much more on a personal and emotional basis deep inside me, the belief in myself in such unprecedented crisis, than just listing it as an achievement or number of books/zines published/printed. 

I don’t know where my second photography zine/playbook is going to bring me next, I won’t know how the response to this book would be like. All I know is that I am going to take another leap of faith in pushing and breaking through my writing and creative boundaries, the invisible walls/chains that are holding me back. 

Let’s go, join me on a new photography book and exploration journey with me! 

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