Launch of TGH Photography Zine Vol 1 – SG55 Special Edition

My first official photography and travel zine has been a part of my work-in-progress since March 2020 after I published my trial/pre-launch photo zine using the Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer that I was reviewing at that time. In the timeline leading up to the publishing of my first zine, I faced delays managing and adapting to the initial few months of Covid-19 circuit breaker situation as well as realigning my directions of my first zine. Today on 21st December 2020, on the day of Winter Solstice, I would like to announce the launch of TGH Photography Zine Vol 1 – SG55 Edition.

Why SG55 Edition?

The decision to choose the theme “SG55 Edition” came from SingapoRediscovers – Explore your own backyard, a S$45 million tourism campaign getting locals to explore Singapore. This was like a continuation of what I had been regularly doing, photographing, documenting and sharing local Singapore destinations and locations that are off from the tourist trail over the past decade. I sincerely hope that this small bite size zine/guide would be a good handy local travel guide for my friends who would be visiting Singapore when the Covid-19 situation is under control and international leisure travel is allowed again.  

Another step up to my printing experience levels 

Printing photographs, photo books and zines have been a great learning and fun experience for my photography journeys in both personal and professional aspects. From mini photo prints with Canon Mini Photo Printer to A3 photography prints with Canon PIXMA Pro-10 photo printer, publishing my own photo book of my Hokkaido 2014 travel photography adventure. Printing my TGH Photography Zine Vol 1 – SG55 Special Edition is another step up for me in my printing experience levels. 

Writing and Creativity 

Creating, publishing and printing my zine has expanded and extended my writing and blogging from the internet/social media world to the print world. When I first started my photography blog in April 2006, I never expect myself to reach this level of writing, creativity and printing zines and photo books. 

Learning new skills, knowledge and self-improvement never stops, no matter what level of professional expertise or life experience that I am currently at right now. This is what self-learning and self-improvement over the years had brought me to the stage I am in today. From a humble photography blog, to a photography and travel portal/blog, a commercial photography business setup, a writer and publisher. 

Printing using MagCloud Platform

I was introduced to MagCloud a few years ago by fellow photographer Callan Tham, his photography zines were published by them (I was inspired by Callan’s zines!) and I had an idea of the quality and printing capabilities of MagCloud platform. I would like to explore more formats options from MagCloud beyond the Digest format that I am using it for publishing my photography and travel zine. 

For fellow photographers and creatives, please visit and check out MagCloud platform! 

Do support my zine works!

Visit my TGH Photography Zine Vol 1 – SG55 Edition on MagCloud and check it out!  

Year 2020 has been a very difficult year for the whole world, some industries have been hit harder than the rest. Photography industry is one of them, earnings had taken a hit, the journey ahead is still choppy and challenging to navigate. 


Diversification and adapting new business strategies are on the way, writing, publishing and printing zines is one of the avenues. Do support my zine works! 

Special Thanks

There are a few people that  I would like to thank: 

1) Fernando Gros and Craig Atkinson for inspiring me with their zines publications, their own unique art and creative directions.

2) Isaac Ong for helping me in the proof reading and editing my content write up. 

My TGH Photography Zine Vol 1 – SG55 Edition is the first of my upcoming zine projects that I have been planning for, with a few special themes/projects planned. My zines is also a mini book prototype for the bigger projects that I have embarked on, establishing the foundations for my future book prints.

Printing a zine has been a wonderful and learning journey, giving my photography, documenting and writing a platform to showcase them in a physical print form to hold, read, treasure and share. 

A special TGH Photography Explorer Series Production with Canon EOS 1DX Mark II, EOS RP and EOS R6 cameras.

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