Writing and publishing my own photo zine had always been on my plans, my dreams. Today, I can officially announce my trial/pre-launch photo zine has been published using the Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer.

How did the Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer came about?

Here’s the story behind it, there was an opportunity to review the Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer recently, I decided to test out the capabilities and functionalities of this printer, publishing my trial/pre-launch photo zine, in 3 different sizes, namely A4, digest and small booklet since the PIXMA TS6370 can do duplex printing! A more comprehensive review of the Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer can be read inside this article.

Why do I want to start my own photo zine?

It probably started with hanging out with fellow photographer friends, regardless of their genre or specialisation, our love for photography away from commercial works, we are into the artistic, creative, personal and tangible aspects of photography through prints, photo books and zines.

Who are the fellow photographers and creatives that influenced in my creative zine journey? Some of them are Fernando Gros, Callan Tham, Craig Atkinson, AikBeng Chia, just to name a few that have influenced and inspired me with their photo zines and photo books.

When the photo zines were published, I was happy yet relived at the same time, I finally shook off those personal expectations on my shoulders (and procrastination too!). I am now working on a regular photo zine series to be published every quarter, do keep a lookout for my updates and announcement on my first official photo zine, coming soon! On the other hand, I might work on special theme photo zines along my photography journey, it can be from my own personal projects or from new ideas and inspirations.

Although my pre-launch/trial photo zine is not perfect, I am glad that the Canon printers such as the PIXMA TS6370 printer can do duplex printing, for those who wish to DIY, publish and print your own zines at home, it’s going to be much easier and more convenient.

There is always room for improvement, a work-in-progress, constantly learning, improving and expanding my holistic photography portfolio, on both personal and commercial basis.

Future/Upcoming plans for my photo zines

My photo zine, is a mix of both personal, artistic, creative, marketing and publicity showcase of my photography works and writing. There is a commercial aspect to my photo zine as well, although this is not the first and foremost priority, it’s more of covering part of my operating and printing costs.

I currently have an online printer and bookshop platform in mind, it’s MagCloud, introduced by Callan. This is a platform whereby I can upload my photo zine, for both printing and for sale for readers to purchase a physical and pdf copy of my photo zine. I am also considering owning a PIXMA printer such as the TS6370 whereby I can print ad-hoc photo zines when the need arises or print my own photo zines and sell it on my own website.

Coming up next would be my first official photo zine publication, stay tuned and I would share more information and stories behind it!

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