The world travel and tourism industries, along with aviation and hospitality industries have been severely hit by this current global pandemic Covid-19. The economic impacts are massive and it’s not likely to get any better in the short term till a vaccine is found and production is readily available. Without international travel, countries have turn to their domestic market to revive their ailing travel, tourism and hospitality industries while preparing for world travel and tourism to recover. In Singapore, whereby we are a small land size country without a hinterland, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) launched SingapoRediscovers, a S$45 million tourism campaign getting locals to explore Singapore. SingaporeRediscovers – Explore your own backyard!

It takes a global pandemic Covid-19 to make/encourage Singapore explore its small land size area domestic tourism. We can start to explore and appreciate our own backyard, our history, heritage, culture, museums, nature. 

Time to support local businesses, explore, rediscover Singapore, her favourite tourism destinations among international visitors such as Gardens By The Bay, Sentosa, visit our heartlands, go for your local food adventure discoveries, explore our many nature parks, hike/walk/cycle along our extensive park connector networks (PCN), they are underrated and deserves more credit. 

Visit our network of museums, they are very interesting, informative and enriching, from local history and heritage to international contemporary arts. Rediscover our Singapore heritage and old places, my personal photography and documentation project over the years.

Through my Singapore photographs collection that I compiled over the years, I hope that this would encourage you to explore your own backyard in Singapore. We are a small country in land size, domestic tourism may not exactly ring a bell, this would be the time for change, we can rediscover Singapore again, appreciate the domestic tourism that Singapore has. 

I look forward to continuing my own SingapoRediscovers explorations that I collected over the years, updating and adding more photographs and stories of Singapore and her own backyard stories, photographs and adventures with my TGH Photography x Canon EOS RP Explorer Series Production.

Time to start your SingapoRediscovers – Explore your own backyard!

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