What do wearing a watch says about you? From wearing a Casio watch in my school days, to the Swatch chronograph watch that got me fascinated to the chronograph series. In a social media/technology gadgets era, I lost the feel for wearing a watch with my smartphone on me. As social media and internet took a toll on me, I started going back to my analogue days. I would like to announce a new watch to my collection, Seiko SNA411P1 – A flightmaster watch for the explorer. 

I rediscovered my passion for chronograph watches thanks to my Dad with his Seiko watches collection as well as fellow photographer Isaac with his watches collection. Starting with the Seiko Spirit SBTR017 that arrived via Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, thanks to my friend Jenny who happened to be on a holiday there.  While I really like my Seiko Spirit SBTR017 with its colour combination and style, I started admiring other watches and discovered the flightmaster series.

What does wearing a watch says about you? The choice and style of watch can say a number of things about the owner such as practical, personal style, successful, traditional, sense of adventure, appreciate quality and aesthetics.  

There was a particular flightmaster watch that caught my attention, the Seiko SNA411P1. When I started to research and learn more about this watch, the admiration and desire by watch owners and collectors worldwide that are displayed on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram etc, is a testimonial for Seiko SNA411P1 watch and why it is so highly rated.

Without going into the technical specifications and a little complicated aspect of the slide rule bezel capabilities of the SNA411P1, this watch is a classic with its own unique charms. Using the Canon EOS R6 full-frame mirrorless camera, I opted for a different approach to watches photography, telling my Seiko flightmaster stories through explorations and destinations.


Owning this Seiko SNA411P1 took me over a year’s research, learning and understanding, it wasn’t a hasty purchase at all. I didn’t buy this Seiko flightmaster watch brand new, I bought it used from Carousell. This Seiko SNA411P1 is my Christmas (December) and Birthday (January) present, a 2-in-1 gift for myself. 

This Seiko SNA411P1 is indeed a flightmaster watch for the photographer, traveler and explorer inside me. It would be my trusted accessory as I continue my TGH Photography Explorer series production with my Canon cameras.   

When the time is right for international travel again, I would bring the Seiko Flightmaster SNA411P1 up into the skies, on a plane flying to my destinations around the world for a new round of travel photography adventures together.  

A special TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Explorer series production. 

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