Canon launched three new printers to their PIXMA family of all-in-one printers in August 2019. They are the PIXMA TS8370, TS6370 and TS5370, stylish, compact, all-in-one printers, with a broad spectrum of connectivity options and productivity capabilities, making them ideal home or small office printers for the (leisure and serious) photographer, creatives, personal, leisure and family fun, as well for your small business operations too. I was recently given the opportunity to test out the Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer, let me share my Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer review experiences, thoughts and views.

First and foremost, let me share with you more information on the Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer.

“The latest stylish additions to the PIXMA printer family takes home printing to a whole new level,” said Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore. “With a multitude of

new features at their fingertips, users are able to perform a variety of tasks and discover new and creative ways to print from the comfort of their homes. We hope to empower every home user with high-quality printing and provide them with the imaging solutions they need.”

Product Specifications PIXMA TS6370

Product Dimensions (WxDxH)

Approx. 376 x 359 x 141 mm

Document ISO Print Speed

Approx. 15.0 ipm (B&W) / 10.0 ipm (Colour)

Photo Print Speed (4R Borderless)

21 seconds

Key Features

  • Print, Scan, Copy

• 5 individual ink cartridge system

  • 1.44” OLED display
  • Paper Width Detection
  • Auto 2-sided printing
  • 2-way paper feed (rear and front)
  • Supports wireless and mobile printing

• LED Status Bar

Now, let me bring you into my printing experiences with the Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer


As a photographer doing a printer review, printed A3 photography prints and published my own photo book, this segment gets the most attention, detail and scrutiny from me. Having previously reviewed the Canon PRO-10 printer before purchasing my own Canon PRO-10 printer for my own photography printing, I might have higher expectations and demands on photography prints.

Printing photographs on the PIXMA TS6370

The PIXMA TS6370 can print up to A4 size photo paper, the printing speed was pretty fast for a home all-in-one printer. I printed different photos on the Canon PP-208 4 X 6” Photo Paper Plus Glossy II that were provided for my review.

For my colour prints, I like the prints output, colours were accurate. While for the black and white photo prints, it didn’t meet my requirements. Although I have to side track and highlight that black and white printing is “a big and independent segment of printing world”. For those who are keen on black and white photo printing, the Canon PRO-10, PRO-1 and ImagePROGRAF PRO-500 (a printer that I am considering to upgrade from my PRO-10) are the printers for you to look at!

Creative Printing

Since the birth of digital photography and smartphone photography, there was a period whereby the art and love for printing were lost when users were glued to their smartphones, tablets, laptops and monitors. However, as technology progresses along with users getting jaded with just viewing, there was a resurgence in printing, from small pocket sized prints to the large prints.

Canon had a full suite of creative printing opportunities, from the new ways to print: Iron-On Transfer Media and Double-Sided Matte Papers, along with other creative print media options such as Canon magnetic photo paper, photo stickers. This full suite of creative printing media along with the PIXMA TS6370 printer, opens up family fun, artistic, creative and bonding time with their children.

Iron-On Transfer Media

The DF-101 Dark Fabric Iron-On Transfer Media were provided for my review. This was a segment that I was quite excited and curious about, how would the Iron-On Transfer Media turn out? I chose photographs from my collection as well as photographs provided by my nieces, we printed them out and ironed them onto the cotton fabric t-shirts and tote bags.

For a special type such as the Iron-On Transfer Media, it would not be fair to compare them directly with the normal photography prints. Overall, the Iron-On Transfer Media prints from the PIXMA TS6370 printer were sharp, you might see and feel that the colours is a bit different, probably due to the different type of medium and material.

There are a number of different methods to utilise Iron-On Transfer Media, from printing a full A4 size and iron onto the fabric, or using the Creative Park app templates. This would also be a good family activity time, printing and creating your own Iron-On photos/designs t-shirt or tote bags.

Insider Tips on using Iron-On Transfer Media:

  • Follow the instructions closely on how to prepare and iron-on the media to the fabric
  • Follow the washing tips and precautions for fabrics with the Iron-On Transfer Media
  • Remember to peel the back of the Iron-On Transfer Media before using the iron on them

Printing a Photo Zine with PIXMA TS6370

I had been planning to publish my own photo zine for some years, it took me a while after some procrastination and distractions, that I finally published and printed my own trial/pre-launch photo zine with the PIXMA TS6370 printer.  For fellow photographers and creatives, who like to DIY and print your own zine, the PIXMA TS6370 is more than capable with its duplex printing capabilities and print output quality.

I printed directly from my MacBook Pro, my photo zine was saved as a pdf file, I chose booklet option setting, printed my zine out, duplex printing before putting them together with staples, a very personal fulfilling DIY photography project brought to life with the PIXMA TS6370 printer.


Although most smartphones can scan with their smartphone camera and smartphone app, don’t underestimate the quality and accessibility of a scanner, like the all-in-one PIXMA TS6370, just put your document on the scanner and let them do the job for you, instead of positioning your document and taking photo with the smartphone.

It’s pretty fast, easy to use and you can check it on the Canon printing apps before saving it to your camera roll on your smartphone or tablet.


This compact all-in-one PIXMA TS6370 is suitable for your home or small office, when you need to copy and print documents, it’s easy to use and pretty fast too.

Connectivity and Setup

The PIXMA TS6370 printer is a modern printer that allows users with numerous ways to connect and print. They are equipped with a Wireless Connect button that aids in Wi-Fi setup, wireless direct technology that allow direct connection to mobile devices without a wireless router.

They also have the latest feature to be added, compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which enables voice activated printing. This was something that I didn’t get to try using when I had the printer for review.

While my experience in setting up the printer connection wasn’t that smooth, once it was connected and properly setup with the Wi-Fi network, printing from the Canon apps on my iPhone XR, iPad Air 3 and MacBook Pro was smooth sailing and easy to use.

Through the Canon Print App, you can check on the ink levels of the PIXMA TS6370 printer, making it easier for you to know the time when you need to replace the inks cartridges.

Pricing and Availability

The retail recommended price is S$239 in Navy Blue Colour is available at all Canon authorised dealers.

Summary of Thoughts and Views on the PIXMA TS6370

  • A value for money compact sized multi-purpose and connectivity printer, for home, small office, fun and creative usage.
  • Pretty good quality photo printer for home and leisure use
  • Fast printing and scanning
  • Fun and creative printer for family fun, activities, journaling, creative art works
  • 1.44” OLED screen is a bit too small for my liking, keys and buttons, user-interface are not to my liking as well.
  • The Canon apps Creative Park and Print apps make it easy for users to use the PIXMA TS6370 for print, scan, copy and creative fun.

If you are looking for a home use or small office all-in-one printer, you can consider the PIXMA TS6370. I reckon this is a value for money multi-purpose all-in-one printer ideal for both home, small office and family bonding time for creative, artistic and fun prints.

  • I would like to thank Canon Singapore and Ogilvy for the opportunity to review the Canon PIXMA TS6370 printer. *

The Canon PIXMA TS6370 review was shot with the Canon EOS RP, a TGH Photography x Canon EOS RP Explorer Series Production.

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