When Covid-19 outbreak surfaced a few months back, the impacts and damages to the world economy are massive. In Singapore, we were not spared from this onslaught, our economy has been severely hit and with the extended circuit breaker, it just makes it even tougher. The food and beverage (f&b) industry is one of them, from the hawkers to restaurants. During a crisis, we can see people stepping forward to help others, one of them is the Save F&B Singapore movement. Therefore, I am going to play a personal and small part too, introducing The Quarters Take Away Menu.

My journey and friendship with The Quarters started back in 2014 when I knew them via their iconic durian creme brûlée at a heritage festival event food village. They are a local fusion food haven, had an unforgettable modern communal dining “The Quarters Experience”, delicious chargrilled cuisine and two iconic burgers, The Real Nasi Lemak Burger and The Real McCoy – Salted Egg Burger.    

Check out The Quarters Take Away Menu below during this Circuit Breaker period

Let’s all support our local food businesses in Singapore during this very difficult period with #SavefnbSG !! Let’s all #SGUnited #SGTogether against #CircuitBreaker period in Singapore. As a fellow foodie and as a photographer running my own sole-proprietor business, I personally can relate to the stress and pressure that small and medium enterprises are facing right now. The time is now to try and help each other to survive if you are able to do so.





Everyone of us can help each other in a small way or another, let’s all Pay It Forward and Pass It On, The Quarters take away menu that you can order during this circuit breaker period. When the circuit breaker is lifted, I encourage you to visit them at Icon Village and have a cosy meal there!

* Menu picture courtesy of The Quarters *

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