A few years ago in 2014, I met this guy at a Singapore Tourism Board (STB) event at “Reliving the memories of Haw Par Villa”. He had a small stall in the food village of the STB event, selling a delicious dessert crème brulee of a fruit that I don’t like, the durian crème brulee. For durian lovers, you would love the durian crème brulee, for non durian fans, you can go for his vanilla crème brulee.


From a pop up stall, he grew, set up and revolutionised local fusion food with the opening of his café/bistro – The Quarters. I really like The Quarters various local fusion food cuisines, not just because it was really delicious. This was also due to his perseverance to innovate and improve his various cuisines, making it a beautiful and gorgeous combination of the East meets West cuisine. From my coverage of his food at the Quarters in this article that I wrote in 2015 and knowing him personally as a friend, a foodie and the founder of The Quarters, I don’t just sense his love and pride for this food and cooking, I can see it and of course eat it (through his various dishes).

Today, I would like to introduce another new cuisine by The Quarters. This is the Real McCoy, a salted egg burger proudly produced and presented by The Quarters.

Version 2

To be honest with everybody, I wasn’t sure what to expect from another salted egg dish initially. When I went to The Quarters and attended their food tasting session, I can understand why this was appropriately named The Real McCoy. Look a good look at the salted egg aioli oozing out from this delicious burger! I really love it, I can feel and taste it, the aroma of the salted egg! Partner The Real McCoy with their Shiok Fries and the overall eating sensation is sibei shiok ah!

Let me share with you some information about The Real McCoy, it’s a oat battered, spiced butter milk infused chicken patty, thick, crispy, juicy and not too oily too! It’s accompanied by a nice amount of lettuce, tomato and last but not least, their legendary salted egg aioli!

When I opened my mouth and gave The Real McCoy my first bite, the juicy chicken patty along with their legendary salted egg aioli not just melts in my mouth, it’s all over on my hands and plate too!

Sometimes no words can justify how good a dish can be, therefore, I highly recommend you to visit The Quarters and taste The Real McCoy for yourself.

More information on the Quarters can be found here –

Address: Icon Village, 16 Enggor Street, #01-09 Singapore 079717 (Next to Cold Storage)

Tel: 6834 4174


Facebook Page



By the way, have you heard of Kush SG? They are related to The Quarters, stay tuned for an upcoming food article to be published soon!

I would like to thank The Quarters for the invitation to The Real McCoy food tasting session. Great job and well done to the folks at The Quarters! Keep up with the good work on local fusion food cuisines!

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