This food story that I am telling you today started from a heritage event that I attended in 2014, known as Reliving the Memories of Haw Par Villa, organised by the Singapore Tourism Board, as part of Tourism 50, reminiscing Singapore’s heritage attraction. There was a temporary food village during the event, with many interesting and delicious food stores.

I got the chance to be introduced to one of the stall vendors, selling a food that is very popular among the people there and it is a fruit that I do not eat at all, Durian Crème Brulee. We had a great chat and I am got to know this guy behind the Durian Crème Brulee, today I am glad to call him as a friend, an entrepreneur, a business owner during the period when he grew from his little Durian Crème Brulee to a nice and cosy café/bistro, serving delicious, authentic and staying true to the roots of traditional cuisines yet embracing innovation and experimentation to make local food stands out and even better. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce The Quarters.


The Quarters is located in the heart of the Central Business District, inside Icon Village, near to Tanjong Pagar MRT station. I visited The Quarters on a number of occasions over the period when it was officially opened, it’s not just to support a fellow entrepreneur, I was there to enjoy the different types of delicious cuisines and desserts. The layout, design and ambience are cosy and friendly, it feels good to sit there after my meal and have a chat with the boss/founder of The Quarters, from photography stories, how to do marketing campaigns and the stories about running a business that a business owner can relate and understand.




I had visited The Quarters a number of times since it had opened, tasted a number of their delicious dishes and saw first hand for myself on how The Quarters innovates and improves their food selection choices, presentation, food layout, menu layout, café layout and creating new dishes that attracts my taste buds all the time.

What had I tried and tasted at The Quarters over a period of time (approximately 10months since the opening of The Quarters and the day when this article was written), here’s my list of food dishes that I tasted and enjoyed at The Quarters

  • Wafu Beef
  • Calamari
  • Salted Egg Fries
  • The Quarterade (One of my favourite beverages – cooling and refreshing)
  • Shiok Burger
  • Satay Burger (Singapore’s Best Satay Burger)
  • The Last Samurai (Ribeye steak with Teriyaki sauce)
  • The Great Escape (One of my favourite fish – Barramundi)
  • The Raffles Saga (Classic Fish and Chips)
  • Ma Jie’s Indulgence (Best Singapore Chilli Crab Pasta experience)
  • Curry Favour (A very interesting and pretty delicious Curry Leaf and Chilli Cream Sauce with Linguine)
  • Vanilla Crème Brulee (it’s really nice)
  • Durian Crème Brulee (their trademark dish! ** I don’t eat durians thus I just had a little bit taste of it once only! **)
  • Affogato
  • Wonderffle (waffle fans would love it, Lemongrass, Pandan Ice Cream with Gula Melaka Glaze)

This is not so much of a food review article, it’s a sharing of the various selection of delicious food choices at The Quarters. Whenever I visited The Quarters, I paid for most of my meals. The dishes such as the Great Escape, the Shiok Burger and the Quarterade are some of my favourite food dishes by The Quarters.




There are a few dishes that I would to share more with my readers and followers, that is the (1) Satay Burger, (2) Ma Jie Indulgence – Chilli Crab Pasta, (3) Special Appetiser (food tasting) combination and (4) Wonderffle. Before I proceed writing further, I want to inform my readers that I was invited by The Quarters to come down for a food tasting session and I got to taste the above 4 dishes that I wrote down.

The Satay Burger (Singapore’s Best Satay Burger!)

The Satay Burger is a very special dish created by The Quarters, it’s a spiced Chicken Thigh marinated for 24hours between a crispy and chewy handmade Rice Patty (I like to call it a rice burger). What is a satay dish without the true peanut sauce that accompanies the Satay Burger?



I love the Satay Burger by The Quarters! It may look small, however, it was very filling after I ate it! When I was tasting it, I was thinking of using the fork and knife, however, I decided to be unglamourous, placing the Chicken Thigh patty in between the Rice Patty, transforming it into a Satay Burger. Using my hands and pouring the peanut sauce while I am eating the Satay Burger, the experience is priceless, nothing beats licking off delicious food and sauce from my fingers after that.

The Quarters called the Satay Burger, Singapore’s Best Satay Burger and in my personal humble opinion, it is definitely worthy of its call!

Ma Jie’s Indulgence – Chilli Crab Pasta

It never occur to me how a Chinese Cuisine, like our delicious and popular Chilli Crab is a possible mix and match with Western Cuisine such as Pasta.


The Quarters made it their exception, innovating it to combine them together, calling it the Ma Jie’s Indulgence. This Chilli Crab Pasta is indeed really indulgencing, very delicious and very addictive.

It’s not just because I was invited down to taste this dish, it’s really that wonderful and delicious. Why not come down and taste Ma Jie’s indulgence for yourself?

Special Appetiser (Food Tasting) Combination

This is not available on their menu when you visit The Quarters and it is a specially prepared food tasting platter just for this food tasting session that I attended.


I was preparing to write and introduce my friend’s eating place, The Quarters, since a few months back. Finally I managed to do it together with the food tasting invitation and the accumulation of food photos that I took since the opening of The Quarters.

What makes The Quarters is not just about their delicious and unique selection of food choices, it’s also about the friendship, the challenges that business owners faced (something that I can relate to). The cosy and relaxed ambience makes it a nice place to hang out with friends too.

If you have not visited The Quarters, do visit them! For more information on The Quarters, check them out on the following platforms and networks

If you are looking for delicious and fusion local cuisine, head on down to The Quarters at Icon Village and enjoy their wonderful cuisine in a cosy and friendly ambience.

Thank you The Quarters for the food tasting invitation! Thank you for all the various delicious wonderful cuisines that I got to taste and enjoy!

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