Today is Tuesday 22/02/2022, it’s Founder’s Day for those in the world scouting movement. Wishing all fellow (former and current) scouts a Happy Founder’s Day 2022! This is also a unique day 22022022, this is both a palindrome and ambigram. 

This year’s Founder’s Day has taken on greater significance and importance as my alma mater Dragon Scout Group is celebrating its 100 years anniversary. Scouting has played a very important role in my growing years, I am very grateful for the foundations, life lessons (outdoors,  life skills etc) and friendships that were established over the decades.  

Meanwhile, keep a lookout for many exciting activities as Dragon Scout Group celebrates 100 years in Scouting! Follow their website and social media channels for more updates!



Facebook Page: 


Once again, wishing all a Happy Founder’s Day 2022! 


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