Round Up Jan 2022 and Short Break for CNY 2022 (Photography and Travel)

Today is 31st January 2022, last day of January 2022, this is also the eve of Chinese New Year (CNY) 2022, a time for reunion dinner and family gathering. I would like to take this time to do a quick round up Jan 2022 before taking a short break (from Monday 31st January to Sunday 6th February) for CNY 2022 for my photography and travel segments.

The month of January always seem to be hectic since it’s a short turnaround time from Christmas weekend to New Year weekend, followed by 4 more weeks to Chinese New Year festive holiday. It takes a while to get up to speed while there were ongoing adjustments, adapting and settling into new gig/role, on top of getting my business back on track.  

Round Up Jan 2022 (Photography and Travel)

Photography (Business)

I am working on gaining more traction, getting my business back on track after transiting and switching my photography services genres last year. 

Photography (Personal)

The month of January is like a month of arts, culture and heritage for me. I covered local Singapore artists in action, artist Yip Yew Chong and his mural paintings, Wei from Very Small Exhibition/Bring Love Everywhere and LiteWerkz at Light to Night Festival 2022.  

Meanwhile, I am planning to get some new photographer profile shoot for Year 2022, need a new banner cover photo for my social media pages and websites as well. 

In the year 2022, I am planning to do more personalised photography projects with fellow local artists from other creatives, other interest areas include history, heritage and culture documentation and nature/green spaces. 

NFT Photography 

This is an area that I am keen in, still learning and exploring. There are quite a lot of discussions on the NFT field, both pros and cons. I am reading both sides of the NFT equation, I believe in its potential and future prospects. I would be doing more research before embarking on this platform  and share more updates on my NFT photography journey along the way. 


I am learning and developing this field, on a personal basis to produce my own videos/short films, this would be crucial and important for my social media marketing gigs as well. 

Travel – Explore My Own Backyard 

While we are waiting for international travel to open up more, in a safer and less restrictive manner, I shall continue to explore my own backyard. I would start doing documentation and photography works again on a few nature/green spaces since the month of January was taken up by arts, culture and heritage.   

Short Break for CNY 2022

I am planning to take a short break for CNY 2022 from my photography and travel media news coverage, content creation and writing. Do check out my Round Up Jan 2022 for my (Technology and Business) segment too!

Even though I am not publishing content and articles, that does’t mean I am having a holiday. I would take this time to start off on some of my photography projects, product shoot, editing photos from a recent assignment and finishing up my photography therapy zine and playbook (editing and finally layout).

Wishing all a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2022, good health, happiness, luck and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger! 

May the Year of the  Tiger be the year whereby we can truly and surely lift ourselves up from this global pandemic situation and embark on a route to economic recovery and a more normal way of living. 

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