Please HELP Feisty Princess !!!

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!

Feisty Princess Charmaine has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma. She is currently in the 4th stage and fighting hard.

However, the medical bills cost about HALF A MILLION Singapore Dollars to send her to New York for treatment and Feisty Princess Charmaine needs ALL the Bullets to FIGHT her cancer and


Please do drop by her site Fiesty Princess Charmaine and her blog to understand more about their current situation and how you can go about helping her to raise funds for her treatment.

Let’s all do something for her, spreading the word and helping her to FIGHT !


  1. She is so lucky with so many people’s help. She is so lucky that she lives in your country.

    There are many children like her in our country, But many of them have no money to cure in local hospital, say nothing of hospital of America.

  2. Author

    Yeah, Charmaine does have a lot of help here.

    It’s true many children in different parts of the world are not able to receive the medical treatment and every first world country or richer countries should help the fellow citizens.

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