First Armenian Street Party

On 11th and 12th March 2016, Armenian Street, for the first time, was closed up and transformed into a vibrant, colourful, buzzing with heritage and nightlife activities and performances. The Armenian Street Party is a ground-up initiative anchored by Peranakan Museum and Singapore Management University, with stake holders on Armenian Street playing a part in the first Armenian Street Party too.


It was nice to see different smaller arts hubs organising their own street party, welcoming and celebrating their respective museum/arts heritage along with their partners/neighbours in the district. In my personal humble opinion, it’s a good initiative and idea for a street party and I hope that this idea/initiative can be applied by other museums in their own respective hub/district too! Each smaller museum/arts hub can have their own street party, celebrating various different heritage events along with their partners/neighbours.

The first Armenian Street Party showcased and celebrated Peranakan Culture, contemporary music, poetry reading and other lifestyle activities. I went down on Friday, 11th March and enjoyed my first Armenian Street Party.


First up, it was “Xtend the Night”, I witnessed an outdoor yoga/Pilates/ballet class by Upside Motion, the workout known as Xtend Barre, it’s a combination of ballet and Pilates-based workout to sculpt the body. Xtend Barre took place on Armenian Street in the early evening when it was closed to traffic and cars. You probably see more of the outdoor Pilates/ballet classes on grass instead of on the road! It’s kind of unique and refreshing, not a bad idea to organise such outdoor exercise classes on the road!



Although I wasn’t able to watch all the performances on the programme schedule, I managed to catch The Main Wayang Company in action, they were a great band of singers, mesmerising the audience with their passion and singing, getting the crowds to dance and clap along with their singing and rhythm.

At a street party, how can you not have food and drinks? Food trucks can be spotted at Armenian Street, providing food and drinks options to the Armenian Street party goers.


This is the first time that the Armenian Street Party is being organised, it wasn’t too bad for their maiden debut! I reckon it would get bigger and better over in the next year and I look forward to the next few editions of the Armenian Street Party!

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