Must Try Food : Supreme Pork Chop Rice

Dear readers, as much as I love to eat & try different food around the world (most of it or within my bravery), I am not much of a food blogger.

However, I decided that I would like to share my favourite eating places, food, dishes or cuisines (local food and my travels) with my local and international readers. Whenever I travel overseas, I would love to look out and try different local food of the host country. Today, for my very first Must Try Food, let me share with you a short story ….

I chased this stall when it was located at Shaw Towers food court, introduced by my colleagues 5 years ago and since my first taste, I never looked back. Whenever I visited Shaw Towers, I would always go for the stall and their trademark food, however, there was a time when they moved away and I was sad that they weren’t around. Later, I found out that they moved to Bras Basah Complex food court and I followed them to eat their trademark food again. Yet, they moved again ! This time, I didn’t have any idea where they moved to … Recently, I was chatting with my old friend on this food stall and he told me, they had their own retail shop outlet now!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Supreme Pork Chop Rice, located at Middle Road, beside Great Eastern House, diagonally across Shaw Towers junction.

Chicken Cutlet Fried Rice

Pork Chop Rice !!

My testimonial : I chased from Shaw Towers to Bras Basah Food Court to Middle Road …. My all time favourite is Pork Chop Rice ! Must Try !

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