Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip v2

Peak Design is a photography and outdoor adventure accessories designer/manufacturer. I first encountered them on Kickstarter in the year 2011 and backed their first product, Capture Pro Camera Clip v1. I was pretty impressed with their design and workmanship and it had been part of my photography accessories that I packed inside my camera bag when I am heading out for a shoot.


The next product Peak Design launched was the Leash and Cuff, a multi-purpose leash and hand strap, ideal for use with various cameras and the Capture Pro Camera Clip. I backed this project on Kickstarter too, and got 2 sets, 1 for myself and 1 for my niece Charmaine, a budding photographer. The Leash can be a camera strap, side sling or safety belt for the camera!


While there are many established big photography brands and accessories available in the market, I am impressed with Peak Design photography accessories that are available in the market, their workmanship, versatility and quality when I received my Capture Pro Camera Clip v1 and the Leash and Cuff. I had plans to write and share about my experiences with them and I am ashamed to say that my sharing was delayed for a long time!


A few months ago, Peak Design launched their third product, the Capture Pro Camera Clip v2 on Kickstarter and I went ahead to back their project too! Looking at their Kickstarter page for the Capture Pro Camera Clip v2, it was a huge success from the number of backers. I recently received the Capture Pro Camera Clip v2 and it was really impressive in terms of their newer design, added features and workmanship. It’s really a great quality photography accessory! Take a look at the photographs that I took with the Capture Pro Camera Clip v1 and v2 together, and you can see the improvements! The packaging for Capture Pro Camera Clip v2 is nice, well thought about in its presentation and packaging.


Till date, I have backed 3 of their projects by Peak Design and you can trust them to design and manufacture great quality photography accessories! For more information on Peak Design and how you can purchase them, here are the links that you can find them –

–       Peak Design website

–       Peak Design Facebook Page

–       Peak Design on Twitter

–       Peak Design on Instagram

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