Photoblogging for 2 years

On 10th April 2006, I took my maiden step foward into the world of blogging with the help and guidance of my friend Jack Lan.

Moving the time foward till today, my photoblog is 2 years old …………. I had lost track of my photoblog birthday until I was looking at my archives list on the right side bar of my blog and saw April 2006 on the top of my archives listings.

Reflecting back on my photoblog, it had grown significantly, making many new friends from different parts of the world and allowing me to take photos, pen down my thoughts, travels and adventures – Me as a photojournalist that is passionate on photography, travel and writing.

I would like to take this posting to say THANK YOU to all my readers ! Without the support, comments and links exchange, my photoblog would not had grown much at all !

Moving foward and advancing to bring my photojournalist blog to greater heights !


  1. It’s a good way to remember something we shouldn’t forget.
    Keep sharing!

  2. This photoblog over the past 2 years left many lovely and wonderful memories and photographs for me …. a great photojournalist adventure !

    Thanks for the support and I would always be sharing with all my readers !

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