Singapore Flyer Official Opening – 15th April 2008

The Singapore Flyer, a new icon of our Singapore Marina Bay skyline, was officially opened on the 15th April 2008.

First and foremost, I had to thank my friend Louis, who gave me the opportunity to be part of the official opening and joining in the fun and my bird’s eye view ride of Singapore CBD and Marina Bay night sceneries.

With many VIPs attending, there were many events in place around the Singapore Flyer premises and the visitors were entertained to nice fireworks too ! Wished I brought my tripod but I knew it would not be allowed on the ride therefore, I had to take fireworks photos using hand held.

Fireworks lighting up the skyline during the Singapore Flyer Official Opening

We could only board the ride at around 2130hrs, designated boarding time but due to the massive numbers of visitors, we only managed to hop on the capsule around 2230hrs. Before that, had a good time chatting with friends Louis, Cindy and Eric at the bistro restaurant O’Learys on the first level of the Singapore Flyer. As there were a bit of a long queue, Eric, Cindy and myself were chatting ourselves away and sharing stories and experiences.

Soon, we were able to board the Singapore Flyer ! It was a great experience for me, the queue was long but it was worth the wait because I was really looking foward to be the top of the Singapore Flyer and have a bird’s eye view ! The night views were very beautiful and it was a great opportunity to take night sceneries photography. There was a heavy downpour earlier in the evening and the glass panels on the capsule were a bit wet, thus making photography from the inside challenging !

More photos of the Singapore Flyer Official Opening can be viewed at my flickr site !


  1. Definitely a nice bird’s eye view from the Flyer. Hope you didn’t get too wet! ;-}

  2. Great pictures! That must be quite a ride.

  3. Hi, Nice blog with good photos. Keep on sharing!

  4. Hi folks !

    Thanks for visiting !

    bobbie: It was a bird’s eye view alright ! Luckily the rain stopped earlier, rainproof !

    2sweetnsaxy: Thanks, love the ride, had a lot of fun taking night sceneries !

    seen this scene that: Thanks, great photoblog you have too !

  5. Great photos – the flyer looks great!

  6. Hi juliemarg,

    Thanks for your comments and dropping by ! Do drop by often !

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