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While I was regularly surfing photography forums and sites, I came across via Clubsnap on some of the upcoming Photography Competitions that you (readers/photographers) would be interested –


(2) Visit Singapore – Relieve the World’s First Formula One Night Race

(3) University of Queensland – School of Political Science and International Studies – 1st Annual International Photography Competition – the world in focus …

(4) National Parks Singapore – Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Photography Competition 2009

They would probably have more competitions coming up at a later stage and I would post them when I have the information.

Back to my ramblings on photography and ramblings again …….

– Poisoned by Buy Buy Buy disease ……… dreaming/planning of a Canon EOS 1d Mk II ?

– Recently, been providing a handful of photography related enquiries e.g. which lense better, which brand better etc etc

– To bid or not to bid from eBay ?

– Join photography competitions ? Especially on the competition by my alma mater, the University of Queensland, very interesting !

– 2 tentative confirmed bookings for assignments

– When to master studio portrait photography ?

– Following up from the previous rambling post for those unfulfilled list of photography things to be done

Oh, am I rambling too much ???? 😉


  1. Oh cool! I thought the Asia without borders was over.. This is a new one! 🙂

  2. Author

    Hi Cashmere

    Do join in the photography contests and have fun !

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