River Nights 2015 @ ACM

Our Singapore River played a major and significant role in the history and economic development of Singapore as a trading port, the cross road between the East and the West. While Singapore River had changed tremendously since her early days packed with warehouses and the iconic bumboats that carry supplies to the ships in Singapore’s waters. Today, the Singapore River is bustling with tall business buildings, making up the financial hub and business hub of Singapore.


River Nights 2015 at Asian Civilisations Museum celebrated the changes and achievements of Singapore River, from a trading port during her colonial days to the current hub for both business, leisure, history and nightlife. There were many activities, events, art works on display and performances on the nights of 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st October 2015 for all to enjoy and have fun.

Although I wasn’t able to watch and enjoy all the activities and events organised by Asian Civilisations Museum for River Nights 2015, I was able to go down and capture some beautiful lighting and artworks display during River Nights 2015. I loved the artworks and lighting displays that were present at River Nights 2015 at ACM.

Les Voyageurs by Cedric Le Borgne

There were a few human figures, stationed at different points around Asian Civilisation Musuem, some were on the ground, some were in the air. These larger than life figures, we can see through them, the transparency of the material, accompanied by the lighting projection on them, they lighted up the surroundings around Asian Civilisations Museum and themselves too.



160 by Trafik

160 light bars, 60m in area, an interactive light and sound installation, popular with the visitors to River Nights 2015. Many people can be seen standing inside the light installation arches, taking photos and enjoying the lighting displays.



Delight by Yves Moreeaux

I am a big fan of light projections artwork displays on building facades. Yves presented a colourful and bright light and sound display, with the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore River and the Central Business District as a backdrop.


Walter by Dawn Ng

Oh yes, how can I forget my favourite giant rabbit sculpture? I seen Walter a few years ago and it was great to see Walter making an appearance again! Welcome back, Walter the giant rabbit!


It had been a fun River Nights 2015 at Asian Civilisations Museum even though I wasn’t able to catch all the performances and activities during the event. Moving ahead, I hope to be able to share more events and activities from the various museums that I visit!

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