Super Import Nights Chapter 2 – Day & Night Drifting

The art of car drifting is something special, that requires a high technical and driving skills level and the car you are drifting should be properly tuned and maintained. It’s an art and showmanship as well, sports cars love to appreciate this form of talent and driving art, along with other driving such as high speed racing (e.g. F1), drag racing or WRC rally driving.

Super Import Nights carnival showcased our local drifters in action, in the day and night. Nissan S13 & S14 are the famous sports cars used by drifters worldwide, as shown in the drifting display here in Super Import Nights. There were also other sports cars as well and it was an exciting time to watch them show the high levels of technical driving.

Drifting should be learned and driven properly and we drivers must learn to conduct ourselves properly without jepardising our life and other people life. As much we dream to become Fujiwara Takumi of Initial D, we need to take it one step at a time.

Hope you folks enjoy the drifting !

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