Race Queens of Super Import Nights

You had heard of them, you had been there to support them and it’s part of the reasons you visit Super Import Nights, to give yourself an opportunity to take photographs of the beautiful race queens.

During Super Import Nights 2007, this carnival was blessed with local and overseas models, all beautiful and elegant. It was really great fun taking photos of them posing with the sports cars. I would like to highlight their invaluable contributions to the carnival and the lovely race queens deserve a big round of applause for their beautiful and sweet smiles that leaves a huge impression in me.

I was there on the 3rd day and it was a huge challenge to take the photographs of the overseas models because I was beaten by other fellow photographers to the frontline. Therefore, I wasn’t able to capture many photographs of them.

Thank you to all the models who graced the Super Import Nights !

p/s: I would upload selected photos of the Race Queens into my flickr in due time…. do keep a lookout !


  1. nice chicks and cars there. why do they always go together? 😛

  2. Hi Tutubi,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and you did bring up an interesting point !

    Glad that you enjoyed the photos !

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