Changi Airport Terminal 3

In the past few months, the travel and tourism industry was buzzing with the Super Jumbo Airbus 380, flying into Singapore with a huge fanfare from the international media and global citizens. However, when the Airbus 380 touched down in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, most of the attention, glamour and publicity was on the big fellow 380 !

After the media blitz, Changi Airport Terminal 3 opened up its doors to allow visitors inside the newly almost completed (under going some final touch up and renovations) Terminal 3 for an Open House from 12th November to 9th December 2007.

I was there with a group of friends on 14th November, we had lots of fun although we were on a project. As for the details of the project, I would write up about the nature and details of this project once the formalities are settled.

Meanwhile, do take a look at our world famous Singapore Changi Airport latest addition , our Terminal 3.


  1. As always, Singapore is super efficient.


  2. I can’t imagine another terminal there. Changi Airport is already great as it is.

  3. Hi folks,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Lotus Flower: It’s true Singapore is super efficient in many areas until we have no tolerance for inefficiency.

    Footiam: Changi Airport Terminals 1 & 2 are indeed great. Terminal 3 is going to start operations soon and it would not lose out to T1 & 2.

  4. Thank you for adding me as your friend. I really liked Changi Airport and I can imagine it must look even better now since my last visit.

  5. Hi avcr8teur !

    Singapore, although is already a modern city, is always undergoing changes and improvements. Changi Airport is expanding with a new Terminal 3 and if you do return back to Singapore, do check out T3.

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