Sun set in the East ??


As you all recalled in my earlier posting, we were on a location shoot at the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 Open House in the afternoon. We had a rest before heading to Changi Boardwalk and Beach area to do another location shoot, with the sunset view from the eastern point of Singapore.


With regards to the nature and details of the photo shoot, do stay tune and keep a lookout …..


  1. The first shot is real nice. I love it.


  2. Thanks for dropping by and viewing !

    You have take great photos too, keep taking photos and sharing !

  3. I personally like 0408, its a long stretch of sky.. with a topping of little clouds.. beautiful..

  4. Hi Justin !

    Thanks for your compliments, do drop by often !

  5. The pixes are breath-taking. Can I use one or two for my coming posts?


  6. Hi Ronnie,

    Welcome back and thanks for your kind comments !

    You can have my permission to use the photos, just drop me a note when you post in yr blog !

  7. Awesome photos!

  8. Hi Florence,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and glad that you liked my photos! Do drop by often !

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