The Band of Photographers behind the scenes (DBS Marina Regatta 2013)

Inspired by fellow photographer Callan’s post, I decided to say a big thank you to the band of photographers (and the DBS crew) behind the scenes of the recent DBS Marina Regatta 2013 that we covered, documented, photograph many different scenes, angles, perspectives, emotions and moments of DBS Marina Regatta 2013. This was a great compilation and collage from the works of the various photographers’ skills and field of expertise.

Since I was mainly covering the sports segment Dragon Boating, there weren’t many chances for me to capture my fellow photographers in action. This was also my first time meeting Mr Brown and Bryan! Working together with such a talented band of photographers, it was indeed a great honour!  When I was shooting the DBS Marina Regatta 2013, I had a great time shooting in the event and with the Band of Photographers, even though I was carrying about 6-7kg of camera gear for 3 out of 4 days! We all chatted when we were able to catch a short break together and doo check out their works on their websites too!

Here are some of my photographs of them in action, looking back at my photographs, I should have taken more of my fellow photographers in action!


Weili (Left) and Adrian (Right)




Mr Brown







Last but not least, the DBS crew that we worked with during DBS Marina Regatta 2013! Here they are in the thick of Dragon Boating action!


With all our powers and strengths (photographs) combined, here’s an awesome video production – the #DBSMarinaRegatta2013 Story – Singapore’s First Community Generated Video Story

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