Canon announced DP-V2730 27-inch Display and EU-V3 Functional Expansion Unit. For professionals and creatives in the broadcasting, film and video production industries, the two new announcements would be of great interest to you.

Canon DP-V2730 4K Professional Display

Canon recently launched the DP-V2730 4K Professional Display. This new 27-inch display features improved basic image quality over its predecessor models (1), including core components such as high-image quality display engine, revamped high-resolution algorithms, panels and backlighting systems.

The display features a compact and lightweight body that is ideal for 4K video checking and editing not only in conventional video production environments, but also for remote work in confined spaces including offices and personal residences. Like the highly popular DP-V1830 18-inch display (released in February 2022), the DP-V2730 satisfies HDR standards (2) and delivers high image quality, thus supporting a diverse range of working styles and workflows in the broadcast and video production industries. 

Utilising proprietary Canon technology, the DP-V2730 realises a maximum illuminance of 1,000 cd/m2 for white luminance, as well as improved black luminance and high contrast, making the display more suitable for checking dark or high-contrast areas. In addition, the display faithfully recreates the wide color gamut required by the ITU-R BT.2020 (3) recommendations. What’s more, thanks to Canon’s proprietary optical configuration that helps mitigate luminance and color variations, the angle of view for the display is wide enough to deliver accurate images when several people are viewing the monitor at the same time. 

Compared with the 24-inch DP-V2421, the new 27-inch DP-V2730 realises a 1.3x larger screen size for greater visibility, while also realising a slim design (4) with an approximately 41mm narrower width, enabling use in narrow workplaces such as broadcast relay vehicles and sub-control rooms. What’s more, the display’s smaller size, compared with 30-32-inch displays used for such work as color grading, makes it ideal for video production and a wider range of editing work styles in enviroments such as offices and personal residences where space is limited. 

The new display is equipped with the highly praised HDR Monitoring Assist function of its predecessor models. This function enables users to check input video and various types of signal information, all on a single display, to visualise important information and enable more efficient video checking and editing work. In addition, a multi-screen display (5) function via the SDI/HDMI video input and a Switchout (6) function help reduce the number of devices required and thereby realising a more space efficient video capture and production workplace. 

The DP-V2730 will be available from late February 2023. 


(1) The DP-V3120 (released in November 2019), the DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 (released in April 2018) and the DP-V2411 (released in December 2017) 

(2) Testing performed under conditions specified by Canon, based on “EBU TECH3320 USER REQUIREMENTS FOR VIDEO MONITORS IN TELEVISION PRODUCTION Version4.1” and “Dolby Vision Certified Mastering Facilities Colorgrading Systems and Monitors V1.4”  

(3) Recommendations specified by UHDTV broadcast signal standards formulated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). 

(4) The DP-V2730 measures approximately 635mm wide. The DP-V2421 measures approximately 594mm wide. 

(5) Display of certain information may be limited based on video input, resolution, framerate and means of signal transmission. 

(6) A paid upgrade license is required to enable the Switchout function.  

Canon EU-V3 – Functional Expansion Unit

Canon recently announced the launch of the EU-V3, a functional expansion unit for the EOS C500 Mark II (released in December 2019) and the EOS C300 Mark III (released in June 2020) models of Canon digital cinema cameras.


 In recent years, there has been a growing need to accommodate a preference for shallow depth of field and smooth background blur in the recording of concerts and other live events. In response to this trend, Canon has announced the EU-V3, an external functional expansion unit for its EOS C500 Mark II and EOS C300 Mark III. Designed for video production at live events, the expansion unit increases the operational capability of these two cameras which has earned high praise for their large-format sensor that enables rich videographic expression. 

EOS C300 Mark III with
EU-V3 attached

By attaching the EU-V3 to either the EOS C500 Mark II or EOS C300 Mark III, the cameras gain additional input/output terminals necessary for live video production. Specialized features for live broadcasting include a “tally” function that indicates which camera the live video is being captured with, and a “return” function that notifies operators which camera is currently broadcasting live. In addition, the unit supports the “focus position guide” function that enables operators to register a desired focus position and display the current focus position on-screen. This makes fast-focusing possible during live productions without missing a single moment. 

EOS C300 Mark III with
EU-V3 attached (Rear View)

Use of the EU-V3 attachment with the EOS C500 Mark II or EOS C300 Mark III requires  installation of firmware, which Canon will provide free of charge in mid October 2022. By installing this firmware, the cameras will gain support for Canon’s proprietary IP1, XC Protocol, thus enabling control of cameras via a network. In addition, the firmware update will provide support for the CN8 x 15 IAS S/E1 and CN8 x 15 IAS S/P1 EF Cinema lenses, as well as 4ch audio parameter display and other functionality. 

The EU-V3 will be available in late 2022. 

* Information and pictures courtesy of Canon Singapore and Gloo *

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