Start of a brand new day, new week, it’s Monday 1st January 2024, we are now kickstarting a fresh new start to a new year 2024. Wishing my family, friends, and followers a Happy New Year 2024! Some of us might be recovering from a new year eve party or celebration, some of us might keep it low key instead. Nevertheless, hope you all have a good time or rest. For a change, I didn’t head out to shoot New Year Eve countdown fireworks at Marina Bay or in the heartland neighbourhoods, I chose to stay at home and rest instead. 

First and foremost, to my friends, networks, brands, agencies in the photography, travel, heritage, creative and arts industry, I promise to clear my backlogs that I promised earlier in November and December 2023. I was kind of fatigued while juggling on a few different fronts and concurrently preparing for year 2024. 

I would be sharing about my year 2023 in review for my photography (business and personal), travel, creative sectors in arts and writing, heritage sectors in history, heritage, conservation and preservation segments. Next up would be my yearly theme for 2024 for my photography, travel creative and heritage sectors, a different method and approach that I have been using for a few years, something different and away from the usual goals and objectives setting approach.

The year 2024 is paved with economic uncertainties and challenges, geo-political tensions across different regions around the world is worrying with potential pitfalls and spillovers in both political and business areas. This year 2024 might be more challenging for some of us, it might give us new opportunities for us as well. 

In 2024, I look forward to more in-depth, lively and interesting discussions, interviews and networking sessions with photographers, filmmakers, the folks from the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, brands and organisations that I am working with, as well as content creators and artists.

Wishing my family, friends, and followers, Happy New Year 2024! 

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