After some delays as well as procrastination on my part, my second photography zine, comprising of a photography therapy zine and playbook is finally completed! However, it would be going through a final review, edit and amendments with two mock up draft copies printed using MagCloud platform that arrived on Monday 18th April 2022. 

Excitement and Anxiety

I am excited and anxious at the same time when you hold your work in a physical book format. In a world whereby so much things/work are intangible, digital and online, having a tangible form of your work on hand brings me immense pride and joy. 

I am anxious too, the pressure and stress that I imposed on myself to produce and deliver quality work in my photography and writing. This personal work/zine/book of mine might be a blessing to some, it might also not meet the standards and views of some. Nevertheless, that’s the kind of life we are currently living.

My second photography zine meant something deep, unique and special to me, I would share more when I officially announce and launch this photography zine when it goes into full printing mode.

Review, Edit and Amendments

I made a decision to print out mock up copies of my second photography zine, making it easier for review, editing and making final amendments. This would also make things easier when I bring it to local printing house Grenadier Press for discussion.

This mock up is estimated to be 90-95% ready, just some final editing and amendments and it’s good to go for official printing.  

Estimated Timeline – Local printing and International printing

I am arranging to meet and catch up with a few friends, I would seek their views on how I am able to improve my layout, font selection. I estimate all these would take about 2-4 weeks, meanwhile during this period, I would be having a chat with local printing house Grenadier Press. I have previously engaged their printing services for my first photography book in 2015.

Once my final reviewed, amended and edited photography zine is ready, I would upload it to MagCloud platform for my international supporters/followers/readers to purchase. As for those in Singapore, I would share more in detail once finalised how I would go about doing it.

Thank you to those who believe in me

In my earlier paragraph, I mentioned about excitement and anxiety, on meeting expectations and standards that others might imposed on me. 

To those who choose to believe in me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Stay tuned and keep a lookout for my official announcement and launch of my second photography zine / playbook! 

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