At the start of February 2021, I was approached with a request for permission to use my photographs in a documentary about Tanglin Halt. The photographs they were looking at were the Tanglin Halt block party for blocks 74 to 80 in 2015 that I published inside my article “Commonwealth Drive HDB Flats Blk 74-80”. As this was part of my personal documentation photography works, I agreed to contribute to this episode. When the episode was aired on TV, I watched it with nostalgia and this dawned upon me, Tanglin Halt – Time to revisit in 2021. 

This was for the long-running series “On The Red Dot” programme that airs on Channel 5 and ChannelNewsAsia. The episodes that that been produced and aired on TV were really good, excellent content, nostalgia for some of the content they produced and they also covered current issues too. You can catch up and watch “On The Red Dot” episodes on CNA Insider YouTube channel!  

When On The Red Dot episode 35: Places We Miss: The Last Goodbye on Tanglin Halt was aired on TV, I watched it with great nostalgia, the older generation HDB flats, the kampung spirit, two storey shophouses and delicious local hawker food. Although I did not stay in Tanglin Halt, it was part of my growing up years, passing by/through Tanglin Halt on my way home from secondary school days, from Gan Eng Seng School to Clementi.

Here are some of the photographs of Tanglin Halt that I shot in 2015.

I was honoured and humbled that my photographs that I shot in 2015 played a small part in this On The Red Dot episode. My personal photography documentation on heritage, history, culture and old places have always been ongoing, mainly through my photography and writing down notes. All these journeys of mine took time, at times putting it one side and moving into another area before returning back to it again.

This is the time to revisit and continue my documentation of Tanglin Halt. I made a quick trip down recently after this episode was aired, with the Canon EOS R5 camera that I am reviewing. This was meant to be a short photography fieldwork, to reconnect with this area before planning my schedule in the months ahead to continue. 

From the kampung spirit, shophouses, delicious local hawker food, the former rail corridor/green corridor and the older generation HDB blocks. I would try my best to document, photograph and cover as much of Tanglin Halt before it’s gone forever.    

Tanglin Halt – Time to revisit in 2021, to continue on my personal photography and documentation of old places in Singapore before it’s gone forever into our history books, websites and archives. This would be taking place over the next few months.

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A special TGH Photography x Canon EOS R5 Explorer Series Production.

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