1st Total Lunar Eclipse – 10th Dec 2011

For all the things in life, there is always a first time, that is a very true real life quote, in whatever things that you do. On 10th December 2011, it was my first time photographing a total lunar eclipse! Even with years of shooting photography, having the internet and Google search engines to help you find tips on photographing total lunar eclipse, it’s still an interesting and awesome challenge to try it the first time!

A group of photographers and friends, were invited to view and photograph the total lunar eclipse together, at One Fullerton Rooftop, a great time to catch up with old friends from the photography and social media scene, making new friends too, under the stars, watching the Total Lunar Eclipse taking place, sharing tips and experiences! Sing Astro volunteers were there too, with their giant telescope for us to view the solar system, educating and sharing their knowledge with us, on the eclipse and the planet Jupiter with the moons orbiting the planet Jupiter! Oh yes, do take a look at how I positioned and prepared my camera setup to capture the eclipse!

Eclipses are one of the most fascinating natural astronomical events that can happen in the sky, a wonderful natural phenomenal by Mother Nature, something very unique and special, that does not happen often. The Total Lunar Eclipse on 10th December 2011, commenced at 7:33pm local Singapore time and ended on 1:29am (11th December 2011).



Various types of Lunar Eclipses

1)   The Total Lunar Eclipse, which occurs when the moon travels completely into the earth’s umbra (shadow) and turns into bloody red colour at totality (approximately 10:30PM on that day).

2)   The Partial Lunar Eclipse, which occurs when the moon is oriented in a way that only part of it dips into the earth’s umbra.

3)   The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which occurs when the moon passes through the faint penumbral portion of the earth’s “weaker” shadow.

Information kindly provided by Sing Astro.

This was my first maiden total lunar eclipse photography, it’s very challenging and fun, bringing me back to this golden rule that I hold on to – “Learning is ongoing & lifelong, a rule that I always hold on to & it applies to my photography, always learning & trying & shooting.”

This wonderful event would not be possible without the organisation, coordination and execution by Juliana Tan of Marina Bay Division, URA, Fullerton Heritage and Sing Astro (non-profit society). Many thanks to all parties for providing us photographers and social media people, a gathering of fun, networking and photography! For updates on events and happenings around Marina Bay Singapore, do Like and follow them on their Facebook Page!

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