1st Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event

An event to learn, feel and test out the Zeiss lens, the very first Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event, organised by Wei Li, brand manager, Camera Division, for Shriro Singapore, and supported by Camera Rental. I was invited to be part of this interesting and fun event on 25th August along with other photography friends and bloggers, it’s a photographers catch up too for us!

It was an informative session by Wei Li on Zeiss lens and  their capabilities, CAKE Images photography was there to share on their Zeiss experiences and showcase their photographs taken with their various Zeiss lens, through Kevin, Callan and Jingwen. Their sharing was great, useful and “very poisonous” too because you will be infected by the “Buy Buy Buy” virus easily from their sharing and photographs! Do check out their wonderful sharing and take a look at their photographs taken with Zeiss lens ! They have some photographs of the participants at the 1st Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event too, check it out here!

After the sharing by the different parties, we were supposed to have a hands on session with the different Zeiss lens, however, I need to rush off for an appointment, thus there wasn’t any opportunity for me to test the various Zeiss lens! Nevertheless, I loaned my Canon 1DMK3 to Renhao who had a great time shooting and testing out the various Zeiss lens, do check out some of his photographs taken with the Zeiss lens on my Canon 1DMK3 !

Here’s another group photograph of the 1st Zeiss Singapore Bloggers Event (I am not inside though)


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