2007 Photograph of The Year Contest

Dear folks,

Recently, I was surfing the internet, like what I usually does, I found this wonderful website called PhotographyCorner. It’s a great website that have articles on photography resources, knowledge, equipment discussions, photo galleries, many many more wonderful features ! 

This photography site is special because it has a blog inside its website called Photography Corner Blog and it is a interactive blog network to learn, read and interact with people of the same passionate photography hobby.

Inside this leading photography website, there is something even more special. They have photography contests !!! Folks, PhotographyCorner is having a contest known as 2007 Photograph of The Year Contest !! This contest is sponsored by great sponsors:

More details of this contest can be found on their photograph of the year contest website e.g. prizes, rules, details (prizes are valued at over $20,000 !!!!) . I am keen to enter this photography contest and pit my photography skills and works with international photographers.
I would love to win this photography contest, but winning is not everything. This website gives me the chance to interact with fellow photographers from all over the world, I am now a member of PhotographyCorner, participating in the forums as much as I could. If you are a photographer or keen to take up and learn photography, this is a great website for you to join the international photography family known as PhotographyCorner.

Let’s all enter the 2007 Photograph of The Year Contest and showcase our photography works to the rest of the world !

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