5ive Foot Way – Days We Met Photography Exhibition

The world of photography is very beautiful, from the art of capturing a moment, to admiring and learning from fellow photographers artworks. This particular collective group of 5ive Foot Way photographers, whom I have known some of them for a few years, Callan and Jing Wen, during street photography outings. As time goes on, chatting and catching up with them, I got to know Aik Beng at a later stage through the Instagram network and their first group exhibition. In their second group exhibition titled “Days We Met”, I got to meet Donna and Adam and was glad to have a chat with them about their wonderful photography artworks too!

The 5 of them are talented photographers in their own rights, with an eye and perspective of photography that is unique, interesting and sometimes abstract. Their photographs will definitely be able to bring you a journey through their eyes, perspectives and how they express their feelings and thoughts through them. At their second group exhibition, “Days We Met”, there will be 30 photographs, in colour, and also black and white. The photographs will share the group members’ exploration in experiencing life through own experiences and journeys.

“Days We Met” will be hosted by Objectifs Centre for Photography and Filmmaking, and open to the public from 10th to 24th January 2014. Admission is free, and exhibited prints are available for sale at $150 each. You might be thinking, who are the photographers that make up 5ive Foot Way and where are they from? 5ive Foot Way is a Singapore-based photography collective consisting of 5 members:

Adam Abd Rahim — http://www.thestreetsamurai.com/


Aik Beng Chia — http://www.aikbengchia.com/


Callan Tham — http://www.callantham.com/


Donna Chiu — http://donnachiu.4ormat.com/


Tham Jing Wen — http://www.thamjingwen.com/




There is an Artists’ Talk – Behind 5ive Foot Way and “Days We Met” on Saturday 18th January 2014, 2pm-4pm at Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Filmmaking. Do drop by and visit the Days We Met photography exhibition and chat with the 5 photographers too!

The folks from 5ive Foot Way have been a great bunch of photographers whom I learned from, encouraging, willing to share and chat everything about photography. They produce their own photography books, that are an inspiration to me, not just in their works, they also shared on how to go about doing it and getting there through their own personal experiences. When the time is ready to produce my own photography book, I will know who to look for guidance and advice!

Photography is not just about photographing and capturing the moment. The elements of friendship, helping, sharing and learning together with other fellow photographers will make your photography adventure/journey so much more interesting and fun, along with encouragement and support to make you strive and excel in what you want in your photography.

 Having photography friends and groups such as 5ive Foot Way, I am sure you will enjoy and appreciate photography even better!

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