85th Anniversary Book – Scouting Items Photoshoot


The Spirit of the Red & Green scarf, guiding us to go ONWARD !

Dragon Scout Group is currently in the process of preparing, collecting and writing up on the 85th Anniversary Celebrations book, the final jigsaw puzzle for the 85th Anniversary celebrations in 2007.

I am involved in this project as a photographer and we came down together on a saturday, taking out scouting items from different eras to be photographed, whereby some of the photos would be selected for the final prints to be displayed inside the 85th Anniversary Book. There would most probably be another photo shoot because we had a lot more many different kinds of scouting historical items inside the scout room.

Let’s take a peek at some of the possible photographs that could make it into the 85th Anniversary Book……..

DSG Red & Green Scarf beside the National Scarfs (old and new) and Scarfs from other countries.


Hardworking DSG 85th Anniversary Book Committee Members


Flags of our Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group



Showcasing the rich history of Dragon Scout Group

If you like to know more about Dragon Scout Group, please proceed to the following links:

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Happy reading folks !

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